Are Your Kids Involved In Too Many Activities This Summer?

Extracurricular activities are a great way for your kids to socialize with others, burn off some energy and learn important life skills. They are tons of fun, and there are always plenty to choose from.

Unfortunately, however, when it comes to extracurricular activities, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Are you worried that your children are involved in too many activities this summer? Here are five signs you will definitely want to watch out for.

1. Your Child Doesn’t Seem Interested in the Activities Anymore

While it is normal for your children to like some activities more than others, if your child suddenly dreads going to activities they previously loved, you probably want to start asking why. The most common causes are because something is going on (like bullying) or because your child is just plain tired from always going to so many activities. Either way, you will want to know so you can address the problem.

2. Your Child Needs to Be Constantly Entertained

As good as extracurricular activities are for children, a little bit of boredom is good for them as well. Having downtime with nothing to do forces kids to learn to use their imaginations and entertain themselves. If your child needs to be constantly entertained, it may be because they never have a break to learn how to deal with boredom.

3. Your Child’s Demeanor Has Changed

Has your child gone from energetic, fun and happy to constantly tired, worn out, anxious or irritable? A stuffed schedule might be to blame. While kids often seem like never ending balls of energy, the truth is that they need downtime to rest and recharge as well.

4. Your Family Doesn’t Have Time for Other Activities

When is the last time your family had dinner together or sat around playing cards or watching a movie? When your child is involved in too many activities, important family bonding moments like these often go by the way-side. If your family is constantly missing out on family experiences, it may be time to start eliminating things from your schedule.

5. Your Family’s Relationships are Suffering

When your schedule is jam-packed, it isn’t long until your relationships begin to suffer as well. Have you or your child stopped hanging out with old friends because you’re always too busy? Are relationships in your family suffering due to a lack of time together? As helpful as extracurricular activities are, having the time and opportunity to grow i relationships with others is every bit as important.

How many activities is your child involved in this summer? Does that number seem just right for your family, or do you worry that it is too much?



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  1. Bruce Lovelace says

    This is a good article. I tell the parents of the children I coach in soccer that kids can be overwhelmed with too many scheduled activities. I also strongly suggest that they try a variety of activities as their child grows, just not all at once. Great Post!