Four Brilliant Toy Organization Tips You Need to Try

Alphabet building block toys scattered on white background.

I don’t know how your house looked last week, but once Christmas was over here, our house was a disaster! Kids’ toys everywhere! And not just for a couple hours after we finished opening gifts, but for a couple of days. (Don’t judge. We had fun!)

But eventually, there comes a point when a mom can only take so much, and some serious organization is in order. Whether your house is particularly messy after the holidays, it’s pretty much always a disaster or you’re just ready for a fresh start in the new year, here are four brilliant kids’ toy organization tips you need to try.

1. Use Plastic Shoe Boxes for Toys with Lots of Pieces

If you have toys that come with lots of pieces, keep all of the pieces contained in one place with plastic shoe boxes. Not only does this help prevent pieces from getting lost, but it makes clean-up a breeze! Insist that your children choose one box to play with at a time, and all of the pieces for all of the different games won’t get mixed together. Then, when it’s time to clean up, your children only need to scoop everything back into the box it came in.

This strategy works fantastic with toys such as: Legos, Barbie accessories, Play Doh, Lincoln Logs, toy cars, hair accessories, art supplies, puzzles, games etc.

2. Use Large Bins for Bigger Toys

For bigger toys that don’t fit into shoe boxes, use large storage bins or even plastic hampers. This way, your children can carry one bin from room to room and get out as many toys as they want. When it’s time to clean up, they simply scoop everything back in the bin and return it to its place. Even one-year-olds can clean up after themselves with this easy toy organization method!

3. Give Everything a Home and a Label

For nicer toys that shouldn’t be chucked into a hamper, designate a specific spot on the shelf for them and give their spot a label. While labels may seem like organizational overkill for adults, they are really helpful for teaching small children to pick up after themselves. Instead of throwing everything into a bin or onto a shelf, children as young as two or three can find a picture label and put their toys back where they belong. I love using this label maker to label my boxes!

4. Rotate Toys Seasonally

When it comes to toy organization, the biggest obstacle for many families is simply the sheer number of toys their children own. Between birthdays, holidays, special occasions, fun freebies and generous relatives, it isn’t hard for any child to quickly amass quite a few toys.

Cut down on some of the excess and help your children enjoy their toys longer by rotating out their toys seasonally. By always keeping one half to one quarter of their toys in storage and switching them out every few months, you ensure that your children’s toys are always new, fun and exciting–never overwhelming.

If you’re ready to finally get your kids’ toy clutter under control, let me tell you–these four tips work! Not only do they make getting organized easier for you, but they make the process so easy that your kids can do it themselves. And that’s toy organization at its finest!

How are your kids’ toys looking now that the holidays are over? Is your home a disaster? What other tips would you add?