How to Create Busy Boxes for Kids

Busy Boxes for Kids

School is out for many and the kids will be spending the days at home enjoying the A/C as well as the hot summer sun. Many parents look forward to summer as a way to be able to spend extra time with their children, while others may dread the summer fearing they may not be able to find ways to entertain their children for two or more months!

If you are in need of a way to keep the kids entertained, try creating busy boxes for each child that will be staying home this summer. Busy boxes are a great way to keep kids actively engaged as they provide a way for children to stay creative during the long summer months. It’s super easy to create busy boxes, so follow the steps below to create your busy boxes and your children will be entertained during the summer!

Keep in mind that you do not need to spend too much money creating your busy boxes. You may have some of these contents around the house. If not, head to your local dollar store to find affordable items to add to your busy boxes. You’ll also want to make sure each box is age appropriate for your child.

How to Create Busy Boxes for Kids

First, find a box or storage bin for your busy box. You can choose the size based on how many items you’ll use to fill the box.

Then, start collecting items such as the items listed below to place in your child’s busy box.

There are many more items you can add to your busy boxes depending on the ages of your children. Get creative and fill your boxes with enough to get through the summer. You can always add to the boxes as you run out. I recommend keeping the busy boxes stored away, only pulling them out during days when they need re-direction as well as cool-off time indoors if they’ve been out all day. It’s a bit of a “surprise factor” when they aren’t aware of what’s in the box. Children tend to get excited to work on items that they don’t usually have access to all of the time.  Busy boxes are also great to have on hand during rainy days!

What other items would you add to busy boxes? 



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