How to Make Brushing Teeth Fun + Firefly Sweepstakes

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How to Make Brushing Teeth Fun

As a mom, it can be frustrating at times to get our kids to brush their teeth every day. I find myself asking my girls to head upstairs to brush their teeth only to hear moans and groans and disappointment. However, I recently updated their toothbrushes and it has made a big difference in this process for us. It only took one simple swap for my girls to change their attitudes about brushing their teeth.

Firefly Kylo Ren Lightsaber Toothbrushes

The trick for my kids to enjoy brushing their teeth was to provide extra fun toothbrushes and anticavity fluoride rinse to their brushing routine. We’ve tried many different kinds of toothbrushes in the past, but lately, they’ve enjoyed their new Firefly Kylo Ren Lightsaber toothbrushes from Walgreens. My girls love to watch Star Wars with their dad, so when we tried this new toothbrush, they were thrilled. These lightsaber toothbrushes make noise and light up, something their ordinary toothbrushes in the past did not do. The toothbrush lights up for 60 seconds for each row of teeth! This teaches my girls to brush each row of teeth well for 60 seconds each. They also enjoy the character voices, memorable movie quotes, and lightsaber sound effects when using this toothbrush.

Firefly Toothbrushes 2

We made the switch to Firefly products simply for the reason that they are designed to help turn brush time into playtime! I don’t mind my kids having a little fun while brushing their teeth if it helps get the job done!

Firefly Toothbrushes 3

Firefly Spiderman Fluoride Rinse

We also added Firefly Spiderman Fluoride Rinse from Walmart to use during their tooth brushing routine. My girls quickly fell in love with the “Amazing Melon” flavor of the rinse. They can be very picky about flavors, but this fluoride rinse was perfect for them. They love the little cup that goes with the mouthwash as it helps them to use the correct amount each time.

Firefly Toothbrushes 4

It’s a good idea as a parent to teach your kids when using this rinse how to use it appropriately and to make sure they are only using it once or twice a day during their brushing routine! My youngest wanted to use it often during the day and I had to remind her that it was meant just for tooth brushing time! Adding the Firefly Spiderman Fluoride Rinse to my girl’s brushing routine has become something my girls look forward to daily.

Did you know that it’s a good idea to replace toothbrushes once every three months?

Kids don’t get to have all the fun for themselves! My husband and I updated our toothbrushes, too. It was time to make the switch to quality toothbrushes because we had our old toothbrushes for a little over 3 months. We’ve trusted the REACH brand for quite some time and love our new toothbrushes. We chose the REACH Advanced Design Toothbrush at Walgreens and the REACH Ultra Clean Toothbrush at Target.

Reach Toothbrushes 2

The REACH UltraClean toothbrush provides a complete clean feeling with floss-like bristles and a tongue cleaner. This toothbrush is perfect to have handy for guests staying the night or in every bag so you’ll always have a toothbrush on the go. The REACH Advanced Design Toothbrush has longer outer bristles and shorter inner bristles to perfectly clean along the gum line and the plaque from every tooth.

Reach Toothbrushes 4

Choosing quality toothbrushes for the entire family is important to me. I take tooth brushing seriously in our family and only want the best products for us. When three months goes by, we will continue to replace our toothbrushes with Firefly and REACH products!

Reach Toothbrushes 1

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How do you make brushing teeth fun for kids? 


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