NeoCell Beauty Bursts Gourmet Collagen Soft Chews Review

Disclosure: I received NeoCell Beauty Bursts in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own. 

neocell beauty bursts

Note: I always recommend talking to your doctor when adding any new supplements to your health routine. 

I turned 32 last month and have accepted the fact that I’m not getting any younger. Every year, I feel like I need to step things up a bit to hold on to my youth. My exercise and beauty routine needs some modifications! I need to take my health seriously as I get older because I have two young girls that I live for!

I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve pushed my exercise and beauty routine aside. However, because it’s a brand new month and because the spring and summer months are around the corner, I have a few specific health goals in mind including drinking more water and taking better care of my skin, hair, and nails. I want to feel good about myself once the weather gets warmer and I want to be comfortable in my own skin!

Beauty Bursts

I need all the help I can get to keep my skin looking youthful. That’s why I am happy to include a new collagen enhancer in my beauty routine! The NeoCell Beauty Bursts Gourmet Collagen Soft Chews are the perfect addition to any beauty routine!

2013- “Best of Natural Beauty” Better Nutrition Magazine
2013- “Best Beauty Supplement” Delicious Living Magazine

  • Collagen Type 1 & 3 For Firm, Smooth Skin & Strong Hair & Nails
  • Hyaluronic Acid For Skin Hydration & Renewal
  • Vitamin C:  Collagen Enhancer
  • All Natural Formula Bursting With Delicious Flavor

Having beautiful & radiant skin has never been so easy- or so delicious.  NeoCell Beauty Bursts deliver high absorption beauty nutrients in delectable, gourmet soft chews.  Collagen Type 1 & 3 is the body’s beauty protein & strengthens skin, hair & nails.  Hyaluronic Acid is know as “Nature’s Moisturizer” & hydrates the skin.  Vitamin C is essential to boosting collagen in the skin.  Together, these three beauty nutrients work together to build beautiful skin from the inside out.*

I look forward to eating the NeoCell Beauty Bursts on a daily basis. It’s hard for me to pass up anything that tastes like chocolate, and I LOVE the mint flavor added to the collagen soft chews. Chocolate mint is the perfect flavor combination!

neocell beauty bursts

The suggested use is 2-4 chews per day. I am guilty of eating four each day. It’s hard to stay away from these delicious chews and I find myself craving them!

neocell beauty bursts collagen

I love that these soft chews are individually wrapped! Because they are wrapped individually, they stay fresh longer and are super easy to throw in your purse or gym bag so that you can take them throughout the day while you are out and about!


neocell 2

For those of you that eat a gluten free diet, you’d be happy to know that the NeoCell Beauty Bursts Gourmet Collagen Soft Chews are gluten free! There’s also no soy, palm oil, or artificial flavors added. I’m a label reader, so when I received these chews, one of the first things I did when I picked up the bag was to look at the ingredients on the back. If I can’t pronounce the ingredients in a product, you really won’t find me eating or drinking it! These chews passed the test with me as far as the ingredients go and this was the green light for me to keep eating them on a daily basis.

collagen enhancer

After a few weeks of taking the NeoCell Beauty Bursts, I did notice a difference in my skin, hair, and nails. I felt that my nails grew slightly faster while taking them and I do feel that my hair grew easily during this time. My skin did look a bit more radiant and the lines less noticeable! I love the new “glow” that I see each day! I only hope to see more great results as I continue to consume these soft chews daily!

If you are looking to add a collagen enhancer to your beauty routine to achieve beautiful and radiant skin, I would highly recommend the NeoCell Beauty Bursts!

delicious living supplement

Plus, you’ll be happy to know that the Beauty Bursts won the Delicious Living Best Healthy Aging Award for 2014! Read more about this award on the NeoCell Facebook Page!

Interested in trying the NeoCell Beauty Bursts? You can find them at the following locations!

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NeoCell has been developing and manufacturing all natural, premium anti-aging formulas for over 20 years and is the leading Collagen brand in the world. Our products are naturally based, not synthetic, and are designed to promote youthful health, beauty and total body wellness. We manufacture our own products using carefully sourced food-grade raw materials and our facility exceeds all GMP standards.We strive to continuously bring the best to our customers– products that we and our own families are proud to use, made with Nutrients You Can Trust®.

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  1. amyc says

    I’d love to try the Hyaluronic Acid Blueberry Liquid. I’ve heard Hyaluronic Acid is good the your skin- but according to Neo Cell’s website it also benefits your eyes as well!

  2. says

    This is a great product idea! I never heard about this product before, but I would surely love to try this. I am sure that getting all the health benefits from this product will be amazing. :)

  3. Natalie Brown says

    Hi! I’d really like to try the Collagen Beauty Builder. The ingredients sound like they would work well together. Thank-you!

  4. Monica Kirkham says

    In addition to these chews, I would love to try the Collagen Beauty Builder, and most likely will now that I’ve had the opportunity to check these products out!

  5. Ms Gretchen Ann Luper says

    The Super Collagen +C is another product I’d like to try as I have a neuro muscular disease and this sounds like it would be helpful.

  6. callie b. says

    okay…these look and sound amazing! i would love to try the Collagen Beauty Builder! they sound fabulous! xo

  7. G says

    I would really like to try the keratin hair voluminizer and the fruit punch Beaty bursts, thanks for the chance to win and try these products. I tried a sample of the beauty bursts before and would really like to win to try them for a longer period thank you

  8. Rem Tagarro says

    Love the beauty bursts! It makes my skin glow,I’m 59 yrs old but I look younger than my age and people couldn’t believe that I’m really 59…I always have the super fruit punch but next time I’ll try the chocolate flavor…it’s really great for the skin nails and hair…satisfied with the result and never will stop taking it