SimplyFun “Bee Alert” Game Review

Disclosure: I received a Bee Alert game from SimplyFun in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

Bee Alert

Before the new year started, my husband and I decided that we would have a family game night one night every week. We dedicated Tuesday nights for our family game night. We write down these nights on our calendar every week so that we can be reminded of the importance of having family game nights. We each choose one game to play and end up playing four games every Tuesday night. My girls look forward to family game nights!

We have a variety of games to play in our game closet. I prefer a variety of games because I feel this keeps things interesting. We don’t always pick the same games each week, so it’s nice to have several options to choose from. Our newest addition, Bee Alert by SimplyFun has proven to be a fun, entertaining, and exciting game for our family. I’ve noticed that in the few weeks that we’ve had this game, this game is the one game that my girls seem to go back for when it’s time to choose a game to play. We even play Bee Alert when it’s not game night!

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Bee Alert 2

We love Bee Alert for many reasons. First, as a mom, I look for the quality and durability of games. I absolutely love the quality and durability of the SimplyFun games. I need games that last and games that don’t break or tear the first time we use them. If you see a game from SimplyFun, you’ll notice that even the boxes are well made! I love the texture of them as well as the cards included. The game pieces are sturdy and this is one game that I know will last for years to come. My girls are fascinated with the little bees and the beehives included with Bee Alert.

Bee Alert 3

I also look for games that are fun. Is this a game that I will enjoy playing with my kids? Is this a game that my husband will enjoy playing? Will this game be one that my kids will want to play often? If a game isn’t fun and if I notice my children don’t play with it often, we donate it. However, Bee Alert is a game that I know is a keeper. When I’m not playing this game with my girls, my girls play this game with each other. My oldest daughter will get it down from the game closet and play it with her sister even when it’s not game night. My husband and I both love playing this game and it’s one that we don’t dread when we see our girls bring it to the table.

Bee Alert 4

Finally, I love games that help our girls learn important skills. Bee Alert is a game that teaches:

  • Memory and Observation
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Taking Turns & Patience

My girls love guessing what beehive their colored bee is under. This makes the game exciting and interesting and helps their memorization!

Bee Alert 5

Included with Bee Alert are the following:

  • 6 Bees
  • 6 Bee Hives
  • 36 Cards
  • 1 Rules Booklet

This game is for age 5 and up, but keep in mind that my 3 year old plays this game and loves it. As with any game pieces, just make sure you watch your children when playing with games that include small pieces. It takes about 15 minutes to play this game with 2-5 players. My girls love playing several rounds of this game!

Each turn, a player turns over one of the cards and then tries to guess where that bee is hiding. If right, they may collect the hive. First to get 4 wins!

Bee Alert 6

Bee Alert is a game that I would recommend adding to your game closet!

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