Unicorn Inspired Candy “Machines”

Unicorn Inspired Candy Machines

Post and photos by Mom. Wife. Busy Life. Contributor: Tara L.

I love getting my daughters involved in crafting and putting their imaginations to work. When I told my girls we were going to be making faux candy “machines” my youngest daughter immediately said, “I want to make mine a unicorn!” Unicorns seem to be everywhere right now and a favorite among most little girls, so I was all too excited about her idea. We made two different versions of the unicorn, but these could easily be transformed into your child’s favorite character!

Unicorn Inspired Candy Machines



1. Use the Crayola clay to make your horn and let dry overnight. We cut the base of our horn at an angle. Paint once it is dry (it will still be soft, but it’s ok).

Unicorn Inspired Candy Machines

Unicorn Inspired Candy Machines

2. Paint terra-cotta pot and saucer. Spray with adhesive spray and then sprinkle glitter and allow time to dry.

3. Place pot top down on your work surface. This will be the base of your “machine.” Hot glue the fish bowl (or mason jar) to the top of the base. Place saucer top down on top of the bowl.

Unicorn Inspired Candy Machines
4. Hot glue the wing nut to the base as the “knob” to your machine.

Now it’s time to accessorize!

5. Cut ears for your unicorn using the felt. The white will be the outer year and the pink will be the inner ear. Glue the two pieces together and then glue the ears to the top of your machine.

6. Trim feathery boa to fit around the base of your bowl and hot glue.

Unicorn Inspired Candy Machines

7. Glue the horn on the center of the top, towards the front.

8. Hot glue your paper flowers around the base of the horn and use black pain to draw the eyes and lashes on the front of the bowl.

Unicorn Inspired Candy Machines


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