5 Ways To Celebrate Earth Month As A Family


April is Earth Month! Earth Month is a great way to create awareness and make changes to help our planet become a better place to live. The positive changes that we make now could make a big difference in the future — from saving energy, picking up trash, to recycling and more. There are several ways to get involved this month to help our planet during Earth Month. Get involved with your neighborhood, church, school, or search locally for ways to help your community get involved. This is also a great time to teach our children about taking care of our planet. Here are five ways to celebrate Earth Month as a family.

Five Ways to Celebrate Earth Month As a Family 

1. Pick up trash.

Picking up trash is one of the easiest ways to help our planet. Give each family member a bag and head outdoors as a family to pick up trash! You can pick up trash in your neighborhood or even head out to a local park to pick up trash. Finding trash can be like finding treasure when you turn this into a fun family event! We took our girls around the neighborhood to pick up trash recently. We were able to collect four full bags of trash during our walk!

Ways To Celebrate Earth Month As A Family

2. Start a garden. 

Kids love to get involved with gardening. Pick an area in your yard that gets good sunlight and start planting! Ask the kids what kinds of fruits or veggies they would like to grow and allow them to help you with the planting process. You can even use containers for gardening if you don’t have the space to have a large garden.

Ways To Celebrate Earth Month As A Family

We planted strawberries in containers this year. My girls poured the soil into the containers, re-potted the strawberry plants into a bigger containers. They get to take care of their own plant and watch it grow this spring!

Ways To Celebrate Earth Month As A Family

3. Switch to eco-friendly products. 

Many household products used today contain harmful chemicals that are toxic to our health and environment. Consider switching to eco-friendly products. Start in your bathroom and work your way towards the kitchen area and other areas in your home.

4. Create nature crafts.

Create nature crafts together. Our favorite craft is the pine cone bird feeder. It’s easy to make and super fun for the kids.

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5. Spend time outdoors at a local or state park. 

Visit a local park or a state park as a family. We like to visit parks around the area for family time. During our visits, we like to take walks around the park and watch for animals, birds, insects, trees, and other pretty scenery! During Earth Month, discuss the importance of taking care of our planet, especially taking care of the animals that live in our environment. This is a time to discuss why it’s important to keep our parks clean and litter free for the animals that live in or around the area.

Don’t forget your camera during your walk. Here are a few of the photos we were able to take during our last visit at a local park called Swan Lake!

Ways To Celebrate Earth Month As A Family

We love seeing the Swans at Swan Lake. Can you find the heart shape in this photo?

Ways To Celebrate Earth Month As A Family

Here’s a photo of a Great Blue Heron in South Carolina.

Ways To Celebrate Earth Month As A Family

When we got closer to take a photo, the Great Blue Heron flew away!

Ways To Celebrate Earth Month As A Family

We saw this Mama Duck swimming around with her babies! You can even see yellow pollen in the water surrounding the ducks. This is a great time to discuss pollen and it’s importance on our planet!

Ways To Celebrate Earth Month As A Family

In the back of the park, we found these beautiful flowering trees. We could hear and see the bees buzzing around these trees.

Ways To Celebrate Earth Month As A Family

This beautiful tree was a great photo opportunity. I loved seeing the petals on the ground as it gives a splash of color to the park!

How do you plan to celebrate Earth Month as a family?



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  1. Daisy says

    I haven’t tried this brand yet, but I saw it at the natural foods store the other day. I will have to go back and buy some to try out this Tom’s of Maine brand.

  2. says

    These pictures are amazing. Not only are they beautiful, they really bring to light what Earth Day is all about, and what it’s trying to save.

  3. Shauna says

    What great ideas. We love hiking together and finding fun in the outdoors. I love doing things to celebrate the earth. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Kathy says

    I love Earth month! We will most likely be going around picking up trash around the area. It’s sad to see how much trash there is laying around outside. By the way, I love Toms products! I’ve tried some of their items and love them.

  5. Deborah Caudill says

    Thanks for your awesome article on Earth Month. Most articles only discuss Earth Day, but you made your readers aware of Earth Month, plus gave us some excellent ideas to contribute to save our planet. We have started a neighborhood garden where we grow fresh vegetables. My son has had to take over because I broke my leg in 7 places last July and then fell again in October and broke my hip and had to have a hip replacement. I will miss planting and digging in the dirt. There are also several groups that get together to pick up trash along the highways and in the local creeks and lakes. The first year I did that, I was surprised at the items people dump in our creeks and waterways.