Unique Jewelry Gifts: 7 Charming Sisters Holiday Gift Guide

Disclosure: This is a sponsored gift written by me on behalf of 7 Charming Sisters. All opinions are my own.

7 charming sisters 2

I’m counting down the days until Christmas. That day is ALMOST here! I’ve already prepped my house for our company coming in from out of state this week. I’ve also been wrapping presents all month to get ready for the BIG day. I started my holiday shopping early this year in October. I finally completed and purchased everything I needed on my shopping list a few days ago. I am all done and it feels great to be finished.

This year, I took some time to shop around at a few unique gift stores online. I’m a fan of giving gifts that my friends and family can open that they’ve most likely never seen before. I think there are so many cute gift items available out there if you just take some time to look! One of my favorite places to shop this holiday season was 7 Charming Sisters.

7 charming sisters

I have a few recipients receiving jewelry for Christmas and 7 Charming Sisters had a variety of gift options to choose from! They’ve created a series of seven different lines of jewelry, each catering to different tastes and occasions. No matter who you are or where the day takes you, 7 Charming Sisters has something perfect for your unique style. You can find necklaces, earrings, bracelets, accessories like ring dishes (pictured above) and more!

This holiday season, I compiled a list of my favorite pieces to share with you from the 7 Charming Sisters Holiday Gift Guide! I’d encourage you to take some time to browse around the gift guide to see what pieces you’d love to share with friends and family as holiday gifts, or to purchase for yourself.

teach us your ways

Teach Us Your Ways Earrings

bead me up necklace

Bead Me Up Necklace

roll it up jewelry organizer

Roll It Up Jewelry Organizer

Shop now for holiday gifts at 7 Charming Sisters! There’s still time to shop for the ones you love and care about. Plus, save 15% on the holiday collection products (excluding currently reduced items) with code BusyLife15 at checkout! Just click the “shop now” button below to get started. Happy holidays!


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