A Drop of Hope by Keith Calabrese Book Review

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Drop of Hope

There’s a new book out right now that I wanted to share with you! This book would be a perfect addition to any Easter basket this year for any kids ages 8-12. This book is PERFECT for my 10 year old. When I first received A Drop of Hope by Keith Calabrese, I was impressed with the cover right away. It has a very eye catching and beautiful, shiny blue cover. After reading a couple of chapters, I was hooked in and wanted to keep reading. I appreciated the strong character development throughout the story.

How would you feel if you knew there was a wishing well in your community that would grant wishes? That’s what happened in this community.

Something strange is happening in Cliffs Donnelly, Ohio. An old well has suddenly, impossibly, begun to grant wishes…and three sixth graders are the only ones who know why!

After many have lost faith in their own town and community, Mr. Earle shares the story with his students about the wishing well in town that grants wishes. It’s through the wishes in this story that you can see the kindness, hope, and empathy transpire within the community.

More about A Drop of Hope:

Told from multiple points of view, A Drop of Hope is a book that shows how a single act of kindness can create waves and remind us how powerful a little hope can be.

drop of hope 2 1

A well. A wish. And a little drop of hope. Times are tough. Jobs are scarce and miracles are in short supply. But something strange is happening in If Only, Ohio. An old well has suddenly, impossibly, begun to grant wishes. And three sixth graders are the only ones who know why.

Ernest Wilmette believes a good deed makes magic happen. Ryan Hardy thinks they should just mind their own business. Lizzy MacComber believes in facts, not fairy tales. Of course, you don’t have to believe in wishes to make one. As more wishes are made, the well’s true secret gets harder and harder to keep. Ernest, Ryan, and Lizzy know they can’t fix the world. But in their own little corner of it, they can give everyone a little hope… one wish at a time.

Scholastic’s A Drop of Hope is available to purchase in the kids section wherever books are sold. You can also find Scholastic’s A Drop of Hope at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, BooksA-Million, iBooks, Audible, and Google Play.

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