DIY Christmas Candle Holders

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christmas candle holders

Christmas is about two months away. I’m so excited about the holiday season this year, especially in the Pacific Northwest where it already feels like Christmas! I pulled out all of our winter jackets, hats, and gloves for the family this weekend.

I made a trip to Dollar Tree this week and saw a variety of items in the store that gave me a few ideas for holiday decorating. I also spotted a few great gift ideas for my kids this year. I’ll be going back soon!

diy candle

My first holiday DIY project of the season are these cute DIY Christmas candle holders. They are super easy to make and add a nice little Christmas touch to your home. When the days are shorter and it gets dark early here, I like to light my candles around my home. I also like to keep LED lights around because I have tiny hands that like to grab things off of shelves. With these LED candles, I don’t have to worry about him pulling anything unsafe off of the shelf. I still do place these high enough on the shelf so that they don’t break.

DIY Christmas Candle Holders

You’ll need: (I found all of these items at my local Dollar Tree. You can order them online too by clicking the links below.)

dollar tree supplies


Here’s a collage of the items you’ll use for your DIY Christmas Candle Holders.

dollar tree items


1. Measure and cut the amount of ribbon you’ll need to fit around each glass.
2. Add glue to the back of the ribbon.
3. Attach the ribbon to the glass where the ends meet.
4. Allow to dry.
5. Turn on the LED candle and place inside the glass candle holder.
6. Your candle holders are ready to display in your home!

This holiday season, visit your local Dollar Tree or shop online at Dollar Tree for your holiday needs! Here are a few helpful links below to help you get started:

$1 Craft Supplies at Dollar Tree!



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  1. Amy D says

    Amazing what a little bit of fancy ribbon can do. These are beautiful. I’m not crafty, and I can even make these. Thank you for sharing. I am inspired to try and make these. :-)