Video Monitors for Babies – Levana Review

Willow™ 5” HD Touchscreen PTZ Video Baby Monitor

My first daughter was born 8 years ago. During that time, baby monitors were considered a “must-have” item for new moms. I remember buying my first monitor. It was an inexpensive monitor that allowed me to hear my daughter while she was in her room sleeping. I could hear her moving around, talking to herself, stretching, and crying for me. There were many times she would make noises and because I wasn’t sure what she needed, I’d have to peak into her room to make sure she was alright. By doing this, I would run the risk of her seeing me before it was time for her to come out of her room! We all know how important that time is when it’s baby’s rest time (and mommy’s time to catch up on naps all the things that need to be done!)

Fast forward 8 years later, I’m in love with the new technology out these days and the use of video monitors for babies. Baby video monitors allow me to see and know everything my baby boy is doing while he’s sleeping in the other room. If my son makes a noise, instead of having to go inside his room to figure out what he needs, I can look at the screen of my Willow™ 5” HD Touchscreen PTZ Video Baby Monitor to see what he needs. I can tell if he’s just stretching, playing, sleeping, or crying for me. Commitment to baby safety is Levana’s number one priority.

Willow™ 5” HD Touchscreen PTZ Video Baby Monitor

Willow™ 5” HD Touchscreen PTZ Video Baby Monitor

I can’t tell you how many times the Willow video monitor has brought me comfort and peace of mind when my baby was a newborn and young infant and sleeping in his bassinet. I didn’t feel the need to jump out of my bed every time the baby made a sound. Now that baby boy is a bit older and sleeping in his big boy crib now instead of his bassinet, we still love the peace of mind the baby monitor brings. We keep the video baby monitor in our bedroom at night while he’s sleeping in the other room. I also use this monitor downstairs while I’m working in the living room. I’m able to keep the monitor with me and use the additional camera to check in on him while he’s in his pack ‘n play in the room nearby. By doing this, I can get a lot of work done throughout the day knowing that my baby is safe! We can also sleep more peacefully knowing that baby is safe!


My top three favorite features of this video monitor include the large touch screen, the variety of lullabies to play with sound control, and the microphone! I can adjust the screen settings side to side and up and down to get baby boy in view. I can also control the volume sound of the lullabies and choose between lullabies like nature sound and white noise. I can use the microphone setting to talk to my baby as he’s waking up so that he can hear my voice.

If you are a mom to be or a new mom, I would highly recommend this video baby monitor!



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