Essential Oils for Pets – How to Get Started

Disclosure: This is a sponsored review written by me. I received a Simply Earth essential oils monthly box for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

essential oils for pets

My essential oils DIY collection is growing each month! If you are following along with me, make sure you check out all of the DIY essential oil recipes that I received in my Simply Earth April Box. I talked about why we are switching to more essential oils in my household. With three kids, I’m trying to switch over to as many natural and non-toxic products that I can. In April, we focused on DIY cleaning supplies. We made products like Laundry Stain Remover Roll On, Tea Tree and Lemon Surface Cleaner, and more.

For May, we are focusing on pets! I never realized there were so many amazing DIY essential oil recipes for pets. My cat, Candie, is in for a treat this month! Before you see all of the great essential oil supplies I received for pets this month, I think you should read this article to learn more. Just make sure you come back and keep scrolling to check out what YOU can get during the month of May for your pets!

>>> Are Essential Oils Safe for Pets? <<<

Essential Oils for Pets

When I received my box, I couldn’t wait to dig inside and start creating the essential oil recipes for pets. That’s the best part about the Simply Earth essential oil boxes. They arrive with a everything you need to create your recipes. This is super easy for me as a busy mom since I always struggled with knowing where to start with essential oils. There are a few recipes that do require additional ingredients. I stock up on the ingredients and place them in my DIY closet for future recipes!

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The May #SimplyEarth Pet themed box is available to order now! These 📦 boxes sell out FAST! ⚡️ You get a recipe box with essential oils and DIY pet recipes this month — a $150 value for only $39!!! 🐶🐱 If you are new to essential oils and want to learn how to make your own products, this subscription box is for YOU! I made my first DIY pet recipe – Pet Odor Eliminator Spray. I use this in the litter box area for #CandieCat. ➡️➡️ Use code MOMWIFEBUSYLIFEFREE to get a $40 gift card to use for your future purchase or next box! Want to order? Check out the link in my profile! ⬅️⬅️ #ad #essentialoils #oerecipebox #naturalliving #momlife #momblogger #recipes #essentialoilrecipes #healthy #health #diy #aromatherapy #natural #subscriptionbox #diyhome #diygram #unboxing #greenliving #essentialoilsforpets #wellness #subscriptionboxaddict #subscriptionboxjunkie #pets #pet #cats #dogs #essentialoils101 @fromsimplyearth

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Each month you get all the ingredients, containers and extras you need to make 6 natural recipes delivered right to your doorstep. See what is included in the May pet themed box below!

Essential Oils for Pets

Essential Oils for Pets

You can get all of the items pictured above for only $39/month + FREE shipping (a $150 value!) Order your May box NOW before boxes sell out! Use code MOMWIFEBUSYLIFEFREE to get a $40 gift card with your initial subscription box and bonus box. You can use the code on your future purchase or next box.

🔥 Plus, get a FREE $40 Big Bonus Box when you start today! 🔥

The contents of the Bonus Box include:

📦 Coconut Oil Carrier Oil (4 oz.) I needed carrier oils! Thankful for these! If you are a beginner, read up on the importance of carrier oils when using essential oils.
📦 Almond Oil Carrier Oil (4 oz.)
📦 Coconut Oil (6 oz.)
📦 Beeswax (2 oz.) – for making balms
📦 6 Small Blend Bottles (5ml)
📦 6 Large Roll-on Bottles

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Contents of May box:

🐶 Citronella Essential Oil (Java)
😺 Ginger Root Essential Oil
🐶 Juniper Berry Essential Oil
😺 Peace & Quiet Essential Oil Blend
🐶 Aluminum Fine Mist Spray Bottles
😺 Lip Balm Container
🐶 Container with Pop Lid
😺 Pet Bandana

Recipes for the May Simply Earth Pet Themed Box include:

DIY Pet Deodorizer – This was the first recipe I wanted to try. I needed a natural deodorizer for the area where we keep our cats litter box. (Related: How to Keep the Cat Litter Area Clean and Tidy)
Anti-Anxiety Diffuser Blend – This is the recipe that I made for my cat for traveling purposes. My cat does get anxiety when we travel to the vet or when we move as a military family.
Soothing Paw Balm for Dogs and Cats – This would be a great recipe to make for my sister for her dog, Blue. She walks him regularly and I feel this would help soothe his paws.
Itchy Skin Roll On – Another great recipe for pets that deal with itchy skin.
Fur and Skin Conditioner  Keep your pets fur and skin soft with this DIY recipe.
DIY Tick and Mosquito Repellent Collar – Perfect for the spring/summer season for our furry friends.

Essential Oils for Pets

My overall thoughts on the Simply Earth May subscription box:

I’m thankful for a company like this that makes what I want to dive into super easy and almost effortless for me. I like that I get to be included in the DIY making of this all. I learn so much when I create recipes. When I run out of a product, I’ll know how to make it again! I highly recommend keeping your recipe cards in a safe location for easy access when you need to create another recipe. I had no idea you could make so many great recipes for pets, but this box has plenty to keep me busy for the month of May. I can’t wait to see what the June box includes!

I also love subscription boxes. It’s almost like receiving a birthday or Christmas gift each month – which is why I think giving these subscription boxes as gifts is also a GREAT idea!

>>> Order Your May Simply Earth Pet Themed Box Now <<<

⭐ Don’t forget! ⭐ Use code MOMWIFEBUSYLIFEFREE to get a $40 gift card with your initial subscription box and bonus box. You can use the code on your future purchase or next box.


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