Follow Your Art: Spring Clothing for Kids at Gymboree

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If you are looking for clothing for the kids for the upcoming spring season, be sure to check out Gymboree! Gymboree is getting set for spring with hundreds of bright, new styles and fresh ideas—it’s a season full of possibilities. Are your kids creative when it comes to putting outfits together? I know mine are! Sometimes my girls need a little help from mom on matching clothes. But, many times I feel they have WAY more style than I ever did at their age. They teach ME how to dress. LOL.

Gymboree is inspired by all the ways kids get creative, from putting their one-of-a-kind spin on an outfit to telling a funny story to painting their own masterpiece. They want to know what inspires you and YOUR family. What do your kids want to create this spring? Because it’s the perfect time to #followyourart.

Here are a few of my favorite selections for my children that I found while browsing the Gymboree website. I loved the styles of the dresses below and the cute sayings on the tees!

dresses follow your art


Don’t miss out on the great spring selection at Gymboree!

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