Get Creative in the Kitchen with DIGIORNO® Design-A-Pizza Kits!

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design a pizza kit

I have two very creative girls at home! They are at the age where their imaginations run wild. As a parent, I try to find ways to make any moment a teachable moment. We prefer hands on activities and have been creating more fun foods in the kitchen lately! I love to see my girls get creative in the kitchen while making memories to last a lifetime. I can still remember the days that my mom let me help in the kitchen, so my goal is to pass this on to my girls!

Thanks to DIGIORNO®, they’ve made it easy for us by creating new DIGIORNO® Design-A-Pizza Kits found at Walmart. These Design-A-Pizza kits are perfect families. Simply purchase your DIGIORNO® Design-A-Pizza Kits and bring them home for the entire family to enjoy! Get creative by creating your own design on your pizza.

design a pizza kit 2

There are a few different  DIGIORNO® Design-A-Pizza Kits to choose from including:

  • Pepperoni and Sausage with Peppers & Onions
  • Spinach, Tomato, & Red Onion with Pepperoni
  • Chicken, Green Peppers, & Red Onions with Pepperoni

design a pizza kit 3

We purchased a few DIGIORNO® Design-A-Pizza Kits and placed them in our deep freezer so that we could have these kits on hand during the summer! We love to have pizza and movie nights in the summer. My girls will enjoy designing pizzas before we all snuggle up for movie time. Plus, my girls are more likely to eat their dinner when they get to take part in the process! That’s a win for parents.

design a pizza kit 4

We chose the DIGIORNO® Pepperoni and Sausage with Peppers & Onions Design-A-Pizza Kits to design first over the weekend. Before my daughter created her pizza, we brainstormed ways to design the pizza. We threw out a few ideas here and there, but I think she just wanted to play “chef” for this pizza and had fun placing the items on the pizza as if she were a chef. It was cute to watch her talking through the process of designing her pizza. She had a fun time designing the pizza the way SHE wanted it to be. I let her do her thing and enjoyed watching her smile, giggle, and laugh during the design process.

design a pizza kit 12

design a pizza kit 9

My daughter was concentrating very hard during her design process! She was fully engaged with this pizza activity and is something we would do again!

design a pizza kit 5

The best part about the design a pizza process is being able to eat the pizza after it’s cooked! We were able to enjoy our pizza together as a family and now we have memories to hold on to that will last a lifetime!

design a pizza kit 7

Here’s how we feel about the DIGIORNO® Design-A-Pizza Kits! They make us HAPPY!

design a pizza kit 6



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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    My kids would love it if I served up a pizza with a smiley face on it. They would get a huge kick out of that.

  2. says

    Oh this is perfect! This way we can always get the exact pizza we want! Sometimes the kids ONLY want pepperoni or ONLY cheese, but the adults want something a little more. So this way we can make each section exactly to order.

  3. Angela S says

    I am going to look for these the next time I shop. It’s a fun twist on one of my family’s favorites.

  4. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I love this! We all like different things on our pizza and this is a perfect way to create a pizza that makes everyone happy.

  5. says

    That’s cool that the toppings are seperate like that. I would get some banana peppers, too, for my side! And the hubs could use the rest of the stuff for his. Perfection.

  6. says

    We always use Digiorno for our homemade pizza. I like the idea of having a pizza kit for each child. However, my favorite Digiorno homemade pizza is b-b-q chicken. It’s wonderful.