How to Keep Your Smartphone Protected

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A few months ago, I was in my garage fiddling with some things. I had my smartphone in my hand and I somehow lost my balance and tripped. I didn’t fall, but my smartphone did. It was almost like slow motion. I remember thinking, “Nooooo!!!” knowing that it was probably broken. I had a case on it at the time, so all I could see was the back of the case on the garage floor. When I picked up the phone and turned it over, the glass was shattered.

broken cell phone

We all have at least one friend that we know of that has a phone with shattered glass. I never thought I’d be the one to be “that friend,” but I was that friend and it took me several months to upgrade my phone. My smartphone still worked and I was able to look past the shattered glass for a while, but it was time to upgrade my phone and get a new one. I upgraded last month to the Apple iPhone 5S! When I upgraded my smartphone, I knew that I needed to invest in a high quality case to protect my phone. The last thing I wanted to do was drop the phone again and break it. I was told that my cheap case that I was using on my older smartphone was the reason my smartphone shattered.

As a mom, I keep my phone with me and take it everywhere I go. I have to. At any minute during the day, I could get a phone call from my child’s school and I need to be ready and available. I feel lost if I accidentally leave my phone at home and go about my day paranoid that surely, someone is going to call.

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Have you ever thought about the places where you take your phone and set it down? Have you ever taken it into a bathroom stall and set it on top of the toilet paper dispenser or near the sink? Do you go to fast food restaurants to let the kids play and set your phone on the table? Ever take your phone into doctor’s offices or while waiting for appointments? I never really thought about how my phone could be carrying so many germs until I upgraded my phone. I wanted to do my best to protect my new phone from breaking AND from germs! I take my phone with me everywhere and this means that my phone is prone to germs.

Volo Phone Cases

I invested in the Volo Smartphone Sanitizing Cases. These smartphone protective cases are so unique and perfect for moms on the go or for anyone that leads an active lifestyle! Volo cases with Sanitized® hinders the growth of microbes for maximum protection! Has your child ever spilled anything on the table at the restaurant and your smartphone ends up wet? Reduced slip micro-feet prevents slipping and elevates the case to protect your smartphone from spills. With a super slim design, your smartphone fits in pockets, purses and backpacks with ease. Reinforced corners with extra material at the corners gives added protection from drops. This would have come in handy during my first experience with dropping and breaking my phone!

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If you are a mom that likes to use your smartphone camera as your main camera, you can enjoy a glare free flash bevel for perfect photos without flash interference with the Volo cases. Plus, you get easy access to ports for your headphones & charger. Buttons and switches are all easy to access. This is great for moms that enjoy working out on a regular basis and listen to music on their smartphones during workouts.

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I’m very pleased with my new Volo case and feel that I’m protecting my investment with my new case. It’s nice to see a product that helps hinder the growth of germs and yet is still stylish, sleek, and modern. How do you keep your smartphone protected? Invest in a Volo case!

Volo Phone Cases 5

How do you keep your phone protected as a busy mom?


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