How to Make Your Own Colorful Sand (using salt!)

How to Make Your Own Colorful Sand

How to Make Your Own Colorful Sand

We’ve been playing around with food coloring a lot lately! For years, I didn’t even touch the stuff, but now I find that I can’t live without it. Why? Because food coloring is amazing. It’s fun. You can do so much with food coloring including fizzy fun, making sidewalk chalk paint, shaving cream raincolor changing milk and now our own colorful sand! With two young kids in the house, I’m always on the lookout for fun and exciting projects to do with the girls!

How to Make Your Own Colorful Sand

Creating our own colorful sand was something that I’d do again. It’s so easy to do and inexpensive as well. All you need is salt, food coloring, and plastic baggies!

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How to Make Your Own Colorful Sand



  1. Pour 1/2 cup to 1 cup salt into a plastic baggie.
  2. Drop 10-12+ drops of food coloring into the bag.
  3. Squish the salt around in the bag until the food coloring evenly covers the salt. *Add more food coloring for a brighter color.
  4. Let the colored salt sit in the plastic baggie overnight to make sure it’s dry.

Using a flat pan or plate, allow your child to play with the sand! Give them a cup or spoon or other toys they can use to make their playtime even more fun! You can even pour the colored salt into little containers and make pretty colored layers with it.

A few important notes:

*I did receive a question from a reader asking if salt would make hands dry. I didn’t experience this with my own children, but if you think the salt is in fact causing your child’s hands to get dry, I would recommend discontinuing the use. You can also use the salt for just scooping and pouring and avoid using hands in the salt.

**As with any activity involving small children, monitor your child during this activity to make sure they aren’t putting the colored salt in their mouth. 

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how to make sand 4

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My girls enjoyed playing with their sand! When we were finished playing, we poured the sand back into the bags to save for another day! Try mixing the colors for more fun!

make your own sand 8

Let me know if you tried this activity! Leave a comment below.


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