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It’s that time of year — time for spring cleaning. Every year, I look forward to spring cleaning. Over the long, cold, winter months, the clutter tends to grow and makes it’s way into our garage. Once the spring season rolls around, we open the garage and all of our windows, allowing fresh air into the house. Then, we let the spring cleaning begin.

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When I start spring cleaning, I start with decluttering and make my way around to the deep cleaning. With three kids in the house, clutter multiplies fast and it’s a chore trying to get everything out of the house that doesn’t serve a purpose for us any longer. When the decluttering ends, we then start scrubbing down just about everything in sight. Toilets, bathtubs and showers, windows, baseboards, you name it. It gets cleaned. We also work on getting our floors ready for spring with a deep clean, sweeping well and then running a mop over them to freshen them up and get them ready for tiny feet.


Now that my 9 month old baby boy is crawling around, it’s important to me to keep my floors in tip top shape. I choose products for our floors that are safe for baby. When I found Bona free & simple Hardwood Floor Cleaner at Lowe’s recently, I knew this was the product for my family! With tiny feet and hands crawling on the floor, I can trust Bona because it’s hypoallergenic, free of dyes & scents, safe for wood floors, and it’s easy and quick to clean with! It’s also certified asthma & allergy friendly! This is important for me because even I’m very sensitive to strong smells and can’t use products that are too harsh.

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Using Bona Cleaner is simple. First, all you have to do is vacuum, sweep, or dust mop your floors. My girls help me sweep as a part of their weekly chores.

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Then, mist the Bona cleaner onto your floors where you want to clean.

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Clean the floors, rinsing the cleaning pad often to avoid streaking. Finally, refill when you run out!

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