Way Better Snacks Review

Disclosure: I received Way Better Snacks in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

Way Better Snacks Review

Snacking is probably one of my biggest weaknesses. I tend to reach for high sugar snacks when I am craving a bite to eat. I knew these snacks were doing no good for me, so I needed to change the way I snacked. I wanted a healthier snack to incorporate into my diet that wasn’t high in sugar, but also great tasting! That’s why I stocked up on Way Better Snacks for my snacking needs.

Way Better Snacks Review

Way Better Snacks Review

My husband and I put each flavor to the test! At the end of the Way Better Snacks taste test, we both agreed that every flavor was delicious, but if we had to list our favorites, here are the results:

Husband’s Favorite Way Better Snacks (in order): Mustard & Onion Tortilla Chips, Simply Spicy Sriracha Tortilla Chips, Smoked Havarti Pita-ahh Chips, Toasted Garlic Pita-ahh Chips, and the Sea Salt Pita-ahh Chips.

You can see that he preferred the tortilla chips over the Pita chips, even though he loved both. He loved the crunchiness and flavor of each snack!

My Favorite Way Better Snacks (in order): Mustard & Onion Tortilla Chips, Sea Salt Pita-ahh Chips, Toasted Garlic Pita-ahh Chips, Smoked Havarti Pita-ahh Chips, Simply Spicy Sriracha Tortilla Chips.

I’ve never been too big into spicy foods, so that’s why the spicy chip was listed last, but it was still very tasty! My husband loves spicy food, so the spicy tortilla chip was high up on his list! I absolutely loved every snack, and it was extremely difficult to order them by favorite!

Way Better Snacks Review

There are so many ways to add the Way Better Snacks to your diet. We like to enjoy our Way Better Snacks with hummus! The Simply Sprouted Pita-ahh Chips are perfect for dipping into the hummus. If you are entertaining guests, Way Better Snacks are the perfect addition to your party!

Way Better Snacks Review

We also like to give these to our girls as part of a healthy snack. They love the Way Better Snacks!

Way Better Snacks Review

Enjoy Way Better Snacks for healthier eating this spring! If you are interested in purchasing Way Better Snacks, you can find them at Amazon!

Way Better Snacks Review



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  1. Kelly O'M says

    I would love to try the Mustard & Onion Tortilla Chips, which sounds amazing. However, I would love to try all the different versions. I love snacks that are GMO free. :)

  2. kaitlin collins says

    The mustard and onion pita chips look incredible! I LOVE mustard – plain, honey, and whole grain. The tang is so addictive. I wonder if hummus would taste good combined with mustard chips? I’d love to find out!

  3. G says

    Honestly I want to try them all. Between me and hubby I think we would love every single flavor. The one I am most excited about possibly trying is the garlic pita chips and then the sea salt pita chips. Like your hubby I think mind would like the various tortilla chips the best! Thanks for the chance to win. Always looking for great healthy snacks for is to try and these sound perfect.

  4. Sarah says

    Yum! Those sound good. I’d love to try the Simply Spicy Sriracha Tortilla Chips first. Spicy things are right up my alley. :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. kelly Nicholson says

    What flavor of Way Better Snacks would you like to try the most?

    toasted garlic pita for me thanks

  6. kristin sims says

    hello, i think the mustard and onion tortilla chips would probably be my favorite, but they all sound delicious, thank you