Sauder Furniture Review

Disclosure: I received a product from Sauder at no cost and compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.


Sauder Furniture Review

For Mother’s Day, I wanted only one thing. I wanted a shelving system for framed photos. As a military spouse, the last thing I want to do is put a bunch of holes in my wall by hanging photos. I’ve done that before in the past and when it’s ready to pack up and leave for another duty station, it’s too much work to fill in holes and paint over them before a big move. I don’t have to worry about doing that anymore, thanks to my shelving unit from Sauder.

I knew ahead of time what I wanted. I wanted one single shelving unit with several shelves to display several photos that have lived in photo boxes for the last few years. Photos are meant to be displayed, especially photos of family members, and this unit was going to be important to my family. I wanted a place where my children would walk up to this display and see their families and point out who each family member is in each picture. Because of this shelving unit, I can proudly display the picture of my grandmother that she gave us as a gift before she passed away when I was younger. Another picture of my other grandmother has a special place on this shelf as well.

When selecting my piece of furniture for this task, I first browsed through the Sauder website to find what I needed by product and then by selecting Shelves + Organization. There were so many options to choose from! I made a list of my favorites and then called my mom to get her opinion on the shelf she would think would look best in my home.

We both came to the agreement that the Library from the Camden County Collection at Sauder was exactly what we needed to complete my goal of having a nice place to display family photos. This book case has a planked cherry finish and matched my decor perfectly. My husband worked to put our shelf together and said it was such an easy process. After setting our new book case up, I did a little retail therapy and bought some new picture frames to place on it!

Plus, you’ll be happy to know that Sauder has excellent customer service. The first time our product was shipped to us, one of the sides (side B) was cracked. Thinking it would be a hassle to get a replacement piece, I called the customer service. No questions were asked except for what part I needed. Sauder sent the new piece within the next couple of days. I was very thankful for such a speedy replacement piece and excellent customer service!

I’m still working on adding a few photos to our shelf. At the top of the shelf, I have a special place for the flag that my husband flew in his jet during his deployment. I also keep our family Bible and prayer book on this shelf.

We are very happy with our purchase from Sauder and know we will be using Sauder in the future for other affordable furniture purchases. My wish came true to have a special place in my home designated for photos of my family.



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  1. Daisy says

    That’s a nice bookshelf! We have a Sauder bookshelf and it looks nice and has held up really well. I’m thinking of getting another one for my son’s room.

  2. Melanie a/k/a CrazyMom says

    How beautiful; it looks absolutely stunning in your room. Love the color and the space; it holds quite a bit of pictures and books. Looks well made, thanks for sharing, such a very nice bookshelf. We are looking for a new one for the kids room and I will have to check out Sauder, never heard of them,but love their style. Thanks for sharing