Six Easy Ways to Get Organized This School Year


Back-to-school season is very exciting, but it can be quite hectic and messy too. There are books to keep track of, lunches to make and 100 different dates and activities to keep track of. This year, make life easier on yourself with these six easy ways to get organized this school year.

1. Organize Your Time: Create a Routine

Do your kids dilly dally when it is time to get ready for school in the morning or fight you when it is time to do their homework? Make routine tasks easier on everyone by establishing routines. For example, you could make a picture list that shows your young children all the steps they need to do to get ready in the morning. You could also make an after-school routine of snacks and then homework before dinner to help keep your older kids on track with their homework.

2. Organize Your School Supplies: A Place for Everything

School books and supplies have a way of wandering off. Prevent this by designating a certain spot to do homework as well as certain spots they put their shoes, lunch boxes and library books. When your kids get into the habit of always leaving their items in their spots, things are far less likely to get lost. Here are a few great entryway organizers that would be a great way to organize belongings. A shoe organizer is a MUST in my house!

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3. Organize The Papers: Don’t Be Afraid to Recycle

Kids bring home an insane number of papers each week. Don’t feel like you have to keep them all. Have your child select the papers he or she is most proud of to display those on the fridge and then recycle the rest. If you truly can’t bear to part with projects, take pictures of them to use for a scrapbook page before recycling them.

4. Organize the Forms: Use a Wall-mounted File Sorter

In addition to all of your kids’ school papers, you will undoubtedly have several forms, permission slips and important newsletters to keep track of. Organize them with a wall-mounted file sorter and colored folders for each child. Put all essential papers straight into the sorter, and do your best to get important papers on their way quickly. This way, you are never hunting for a permission slip or important paper at the last minute.

5. Organize Your Schedule: Use the Right Calendar

Between work, school, sports, extracurriculars, church and family activities, your family has a lot on its plate. Keep track of all important dates by writing everything down on a large desk calendar. You can use a large paper or white board calendar in your kitchen or an online synchable calendar on your computer or phone. Write everything down, and you are far less likely to forget a date or double book yourself.

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6. Organize Your Lunch Supplies: Create a Lunch Supply Bin

Packing school lunches can be quite tiresome when you have to figure out what to make each morning. Instead of constantly searching through your cupboards to see what you can throw together, create a school lunch bin. This is a great place to put individually portioned fruits, veggies and crackers. Then, every morning you can just pull out what you need. In fact, if you get really organized, the kids may be able to make their lunches themselves, saving you lots of time and hassle!

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Do you have any back to school organization tips? 



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  1. Salma Ahmed says

    I especially like the forms and papers organising one. UK that feeling when u just enter the room and see papers and forms everywhere. one word: disaster