How to Make Flowers Out of Toilet Paper


Toilet paper seems to make it’s way on my shopping list each week. Toilet paper can seem pretty dull and boring, but did you know you can make cool crafts with it? Yep! We did! We turned some of our toilet paper into a bouquet of flowers. My girls LOVED this activity and they beg me to make them often. Check out how we made these flowers out of toilet paper!

How to Make Toilet Paper Flowers


  • toilet paper
  • food coloring
  • water
  • liquid dropper
  • small bowls
  • plastic spoons


1. Place 5 sheets of toilet paper on top of each other.

toilet paper

2. Fold the toilet paper back and forth like a fan. Bunch up the middle and place a clothespin to hold together.

toilet paper 2

3. Fold in each of the sides of the toilet paper until it forms a flower.

flowers 3

toilet paper flowers 5

4. Drop a few drops of food coloring mixed with water around the toilet paper flower and let the toilet paper absorb the color.

toilet paper flowers 8

5. Allow to dry and then display in your home!

toilet paper flowers 9

Experiment with different colors and make a bouquet of flowers.


My daughter loved making her flowers. Here’s one for YOU!

toilet paper flowers

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  1. Sarah L says

    Didn’t even know about it. I wonder how they changed how they make it to be able to do away with the tube?