Why I Take Mini-Vacations in My Bathroom


I’m not a morning person. I’ve tried it, but it’s just never worked out for me. I admire my husband for his desire to be an early riser and his amazing attitude when it comes to waking up in the morning. Me on the other hand, I’m the one pushing snooze on the alarm clock every morning.

Who am I kidding?

I don’t even have to set an alarm clock thanks to my adorable two year old toddler! She’s my little rooster with a loud crow at my bedside cock-a-doodling me out of bed in the morning. It always works…you can’t ignore a little person screaming, “Get up! Get up! Get up Mommy!” one hundred times as loud as she can! I usually try to coax her into the bed with me for more snuggle time, but by then she’s screaming for waffles and I finally decide to stumble out of bed.

Ahhh… the joys of motherhood.

I love being a mom and everyday is a new and exciting challenge! However, motherhood has it’s moments that will want to send you to your own bathroom for a mini-vacation. How many of you moms out there find yourself tip-toeing (or running) to the bathroom and locking the door behind you, hoping your kids don’t hear so that you can get just a tad bit of peace and quiet during the day? (If you’ve never done that, I’d love to know your secrets! Consider yourself a “supermom!”)

stressed mom 2

Why I take mini-vacations in my bathroom

You see, every morning while my girls are sitting down eating breakfast with my husband, I take a short mini-vacation to my lovely 15 X 7 deserted and serene tropical island, my bathroom. That’s just an estimate — I don’t have time to dig for my measuring tape!  Moms need time to away–alone, so don’t feel guilty if you find yourself locked up in your bathroom to catch a break every now and then! Take a pillow with you and scream into it if you feel the need.

During my mini-vacations to my bathroom, I focus on ME. It’s MY time to gather my thoughts, sip on my coffee, put on my makeup, fix my hair, brush my teeth, pray to Jesus about the day ahead of me (I do a lot of praying as a mom — I can’t do this motherhood thing without HIM) and finally get FRESH & CLEAN! I love my few minutes of quiet time and the best part about these mini-vacation’s, they are FREE!

Time for some “me” time now.

Do you take mini-vacations in your bathroom? Tell us about it!



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  1. Paula Schuck says

    Lol!! We all do it. As soon as we are moms the bathroom becomes vacation spot like a spa. So funny! This is me with my youngest who has special needs and can be super demanding. One time at my old home I locked self in for quiet bathroom moment and she kicked the door in. Big hole in my door. Better now that she is a bit older but still I can relate.

  2. diane says

    i have teens and still take mini bathroom vacations. Mine usually involve a hot tub, scented candle and wine!

  3. says

    I do take mini vacations in the bathroom but unless Daddy is there to ward off the kids, I will always be interrupted! sigh!

  4. says

    Hilarious! Love that you call it your mini vacation. All moms deserve them that is for sure. Cottonelle cleaning clothes are great and thanks for that money saving coupon.