Back-to-School Shopping for the Family with Wikibuy

Disclosure: This is a post written by me on behalf of Wikibuy. All opinions are my own.

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Are you counting down the days until school starts again? Believe it or not, the back-to-school shopping season is here. School age kids will be going back-to-school before you know it. This is the first summer where I’ve kept all of the kids home with me. It’s up to me to find ways to keep the kids entertained each day this summer. I’ll be ready to send them off to school when it’s time. I will have a child in third grade and Kindergarten this year!

School supply expenses can add up fast, especially if you have a few kids to buy back-to-school supplies for. I have two girls to buy for this year and they always want to pick out the most stylish and decorative items they can find. This year, we are sticking to the basics and staying away from the overpriced school supplies! I usually stock up on the basic essentials: backpacks, pencils, crayons, markers, scissors, erasers, and other basic items.

To save even more money on our back-to-school purchases this year, I’m using Wikibuy to help me find better deals! Wikibuy is a Chrome extension that finds lower prices at other sellers while you shop on Amazon. It’s a free price comparison tool powered by a community of over 1.4+ million shoppers who share prices, coupons, and better offers found in real-time while they shop. Wikibuy makes comparison shopping a one-click effort from a vetted list of thousands of e-commerce sellers, including major retailers, brands, and other small retailers.

Simply navigate to any product page on Amazon and Wikibuy will start working automatically. For example, I went to Amazon and searched for a product that we needed to buy for back-to-school. Wikibuy was able to find a better deal for me, saving me $1.22. Over time, these savings add up, especially when it comes to shopping for back to school supplies.

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I encourage you to create your list of back-to-school supplies. Then, find each product at Amazon and see if Wikibuy finds better deals on your item. I went through my list of school supplies to price compare and was able to save a total of $3.93 overall. I have a few more items I’ll need to purchase soon to complete my list. I will be checking Wikibuy when shopping for those products as well to save even more.

If you want to save money on your back-to-school purchases this year, don’t forget to check out Wikibuy and watch your savings add up! Consider using Wikibuy for all of your back-to-school shopping needs this year. Tell your family and friends about Wikibuy so they can save money, too!


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