Help Families Affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma


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When I heard the news about Hurricane Harvey approaching the state of Texas, I was a bit nervous. I have family living all over Texas and many of them do live around Houston, one of the hardest hit areas. Brothers, cousins, aunts & uncles, grandparents – you name it, our family lives all over the parts of Houston that were affected by Harvey.

It was hard watching the devastation on the news all the way up here in Washington State. I wanted to help others, but I had no idea how to help or what to do. Sending money or supplies seemed like the easiest thing to do being that we live over a thousand miles away. Airports were closed all around the area and traveling to Texas just wasn’t safe for our family given the conditions of the city.

Thankfully, I’ve seen several ways to help areas affected by the two most recent hurricanes – Harvey and Irma. One of the ways I helped these affected areas is by sharing a photo of the Real California Milk logo in a social media share. It’s so easy and I highly encourage you to share a photo, too! Real California Milk recently launched the Spot the Seal campaign where they donate $5 to the Great American Milk Drive (up to $20k) every time a user shares a photo of a Real California Milk seal on social media using the hashtag #SealsForGood. The donation will go to help families affected by hurricanes Harvey and Irma in Texas and Florida.

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When I went to my local grocery store, I found at least four products with the Real California Milk logo on them, including cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and butter. You may have to take some extra time to search for the products with the seal, but honestly, it was like a scavenger hunt. It was exciting to me when I spotted the seal! Get your kids involved to help you find the Real California Milk seals on the different products!


If you’d like to contribute to the families affected by Hurricane Harvey and Irma, share your photo of the seal as mentioned above. Every bit adds up! Watch this video below to see examples of the logo that you’ll be looking for!

Help real families in need affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma! Anytime you spot the Real California Milk Seal on a product at your local store, take a pic, share it using #SealsForGood on social media and they’ll donate $5 (up to $20k) to the Great American Milk Drive to help those in need in Texas and Florida.

Learn more here!

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