How to Create a Migraine Relief Kit

How to Create a Migraine Relief Kit

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How to Create a Migraine Relief Kit

I remember it clearly. I was pregnant with my first child. As the evening was approaching, I started to have issues with my vision. In my left eye, I could see what I describe as a flashing strobe light in the shape of a zig zag. It started small and grew in length after time. I couldn’t see that well out of the left eye and had to sit down. This went on for about twenty minutes and then it stopped.

Shortly after, I had the biggest headache. It was so painful. Light and noise did not help the situation. I had to lay down in complete darkness in a noise free room. I ended up calling the nurse line to ask for advice. Because it was late, she recommended that I go to the ER to be checked out since I was pregnant.

It was that night that I was diagnosed with my first ever migraine. The zig zag line? That was an “aura.” If you want to know what an aura is like, google “migraine aura” on YouTube and you’ll find a few examples. I was sent home that night with some medication and a few tips and rested at home.

how to create a migraine relief kit

Fast forward a couple of years and two kids later. My family and I were sitting at the airport in a restaurant waiting for a flight. I had my second “aura” and I knew that a migraine would be approaching shortly after. I wasn’t prepared for this. I only had one other aura and migraine headache in my lifetime and this was the second one. We didn’t have any medication on hand and we didn’t have time to go searching for it in the airport before boarding our plane. Any mom knows that traveling with two kids alone is difficult. Try it with a migraine headache!

I have migraine headaches every now and then, but I’m prepared for them. For example, I went golfing once with my husband. It was very hot out and after 18 holes of golf, I was a bit exhausted and somewhat dehydrated. I remember sitting in the car on the way home and having to close my eyes because my headache was so painful. I ended up coming home, drinking a lot of water, crawling in bed, turning off the lights, shutting off any noise around me, and sleeping it off for a few hours.

How to Create a Migraine Relief Kit

I learned my lesson and for future outings, I keep Excedrin® Migraine with me on golf outings with my husband. I don’t want another painful migraine to ruin my day! Excedrin® is my go to choice now for times like these. I trust Excedrin® products to deliver fast relief for different types of headaches!

Your migraine migraine demands a migraine solution: Excedrin® Migraine starts to relieve migraine pain in 30 minutes. #1 Neurologist Recommended*

*Among OTC medicine for migraines. Symphony Health Solutions, 2014

How to Create a Migraine Relief Kit

As a busy mom, I can’t afford to have a migraine with three small children in the house. I have to get relief fast when I feel a migraine coming on! To prepare for any migraines in the future, I created a Migraine Relief Kit to have on hand. Create your own kit, too! Keep it in a special place for those moments when you feel a migraine coming on!

How to Create a Migraine Relief Kit

How Create a Migraine Relief Kit

1. In a small plastic tote, add the following contents:

  • Excedrin® Migraine – Use as Directed, Consult your doctor if you think you are suffering from migraines.
  • Bottle of Water – for taking medication or staying hydrated
  • Dark Sunglasses – use if your eyes are sensitive to light
  • Black Washcloth – use as a wet compress or mask if your eyes are sensitive to light
  • Hot/Cold Mask – use as a compress on forehead

How to Create a Migraine Relief Kit

2. Store tote in a convenient and safe area. Make sure it’s out of children’s reach.

3. Grab your kit when you feel a migraine coming on!

If you know a family member or friend who suffers from migraines, create a kit for them as special gift!

You can also find these other products below to add to your kit:

  • Excedrin® Extra Strength
  • Excedrin® Migraine
  • Excedrin® Tension Headache
  • Excedrin® PM Headache

Head to your local Walmart and pick up the Excedrin® Migraine to add to your Migraine Relief Kit!

How to Create a Migraine Relief Kit

Do you suffer from migraines? What would you add to your Migraine Relief Kit?


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