How to Start a Container Garden with Kids

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When having discussions with other busy moms around me, one thing I often hear are their desires to start a garden at home. Gardening is very popular among families these days. Many families want to grow their own fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs in their own backyards vs. heading to the grocery store to purchase over-priced and not-so-fresh produce. Another concern is the use of pesticides on produce and whether or not the produce is good for you and your family to eat.

While discussing gardening with others, often times the lack of space in one’s backyard is a reason many moms choose not to start a garden. There are restrictions in some locations when it comes to creating gardens. If you live in an apartment, gardening is almost impossible! Good news though — no matter where you live or how much space you have, you can always attempt or try container gardening. As a family that moves often, container gardening is perfect for my family! Container gardening is one way I choose to get my children involved and outdoors as well as working with nature and having fun while doing so.


To start your container garden, you’ll need the following supplies:

Once you gather your supplies, it’s time for the kids to start the planting process!

1. Allow your child to choose the seeds he/she wants to plant.

2. Give each child a container or containers for each plant that he/she will be planting. You want to make sure each container has holes at the bottom for proper draining. 


3. Have your child scoop potting mix into the container until it’s filled about 3/4 full.

4. Push the seed down into the potting mix. Cover back up with soil. 

5. Using the permanent marker (may require adult supervision), have the child write down the name of the plant on the spoon to use as a plant stake.

6. Press the plant stake into the potting mix surrounding the seed.

7. Set the finished container(s) in a good location in your yard. You’ll want your plants to be a location where the kids can easily check on the progress of their plants.

8. Have the children spray enough water with a spray bottle into the container after planting (or use a watering can). 

9. Check on the plants daily with the kids and allow them to make sure their plants have enough water daily.

Enjoy watching the plants grow each day with your children! 

*Keep in mind that some plants may need more space to grow once they reach a certain size and can easily be transplanted into a bigger container. 

Starting a container garden is a fun and easy project to work on this time of year with the entire family! My kids enjoyed our project and we can’t wait to see their plants grow this spring.

Do you have a garden or container garden at home? What tips do you have for starting a garden with kids?  


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