SimplyFun Whirly’s World Game Review

Disclosure: I received Whirly’s World by SimplyFun in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

Whirlys World Game Review

My oldest daughter graduated from Kindergarten last month. It was an emotional day for me because I realized how much she has grown up. My little girl is growing fast and I’m so proud of her for her accomplishments already. She came home with her final report card with a check mark saying she was promoted to first grade.

whirlys world

Math was never easy for me growing up as a child. In fact, I struggled with math a lot and I always wondered if my kids would struggle with math just like I did. I made the observation this year that my daughters strength is definitely reading and something we could work on and improve on this summer are her math skills. We have a long summer ahead of us and I thought this would be the perfect time to help her with a few basic math skills that will help prepare her for first grade. Math games are the perfect way to help introduce important skills because they are hands-on, engaging, and fun!

Do you remember “Even Steven” and “Odd Todd?” I loved those guys. I introduced my daughter to Even Steven (0, 2, 4, 6, 8) and Odd Todd (1, 3, 5, 7, 9) recently and it has helped her to memorize her even and odd numbers. To help her stay sharp on her even and odd math skills, we thought it would be a good idea to add a fun game to our game collection. Learning should be fun and my daughter loves to learn while playing fun board games!

Whirlys World Review

SimplyFun Whirly’s World Game Review

If your child is learning about even and odd numbers, Whirly’s World is the perfect game to add to your own game collection. Whirly’s World by SimplyFun made it to our “favorites” list very quickly. When I ask my daughter what game she would like to play, Whirly’s World is one of her first choices.

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Whirlys World Review 3

When we first started playing Whirly’s World, my daughter was struggling with her even and odd numbers. I had to write them down for her on a piece of paper when we first introduced the game so that she could start learning them and memorizing her even and odd numbers.

After playing the game a few times, we’ve been able to play without using the reminder card. This tells me that she’s memorizing her even and odd numbers without help. Whirly’s World is preparing her for these skills before she gets to 1st grade.

Whirlys World Game Review

About Whirly’s World:

Glide along the trail rolling dice, completing odd & even cards & gathering
Whirly tokens. The first snail to join Whirly in the center of the
garden wins the game!

Odd & Even Numbers
Early Addition

Ages 6 and up ⋅ 15 – 30 Minutes ⋅ 2-6 Players

Whirlys World Game Review 3

Box Contains:
30 Whirly Tokens
1 Garden Board
6 Snail Pawns
2 Dice
27 Odd Cards
27 Even Cards
1 Rules Booklet

Why we love Whirly’s World: 

Whirly’s World is helping my daughter with math and reading skills. She’s able to add every time she rolls the dice. At first, I noticed she was adding by starting with the smaller number first, so I was able to give her a tip to always start with the higher number when adding. After adding the numbers, I ask her if the number rolled is even or odd. She thinks for a bit and then responds with the answer. It gets easier for her every time we play and she’s not looking at the reminder card that I created as often as she did when we first started playing the game.

The even and odd cards provided with the game also help her reading skills. She’s able to read each card to me and then determine what to do based on what the card says. She loves the “Whirly Tokens” and loves to think of words that start with W when she lands on a token space on the game board.


I’m confident that my daughter will know her even and odd numbers by the time she starts school next year thanks to Whirly’s World!

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  1. Meghan says

    This looks really neat. I am going to check out it’s source. I am very picky about board games and so far my favorite are a couple I’ve found from Barnes & Noble and this one. I’m creating a board on Pinterest with my favs because lately it’s been chilly and yucky outside….we need things to do in the house! :)

    • Mom. Wife. Busy Life. says

      SimplyFun games are very unique and fun. We own three SimplyFun games (Kilter, Bee Alert, and Whirly’s World) and they easily make our favorites list. I like that they are fun for the adults, too. I’m happy that Whirly’s World is helping my daughter with her even/odd skills before she enters 1st grade!