Top 7 Tips for a Winter PCS Move

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CORT for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

As a military family, we are very familiar with moving. Our very first PCS (permanent change of station) was to Pensacola, Florida. After a few years there, we PCS’d to North Carolina for seven years, and then to South Carolina for 4 years. Just this past May, we PCS’d to Washington State. We will most likely be here for 3-4 years before it’s time to PCS again.

Every PCS is different and special. During our first PCS, we didn’t have children. Moving was a bit easier. By PCS 3-4, we had three children! Moving was a bit more complicated. That meant that we had to pull our school aged children out of school during the school year and find a new school for them at our new location. That also meant that we were moving more stuff — more household goods like bikes, clothes, and a variety of belongings!

Our most recent PCS from South Carolina to Washington

Our most recent PCS from South Carolina to Washington

Thankfully by PCS #4, we were a bit smarter when it came to moving. We purged a lot of our household belongings that we didn’t need before we traveled across the country. Our move felt lighter and easier. We also traveled when it was still considered “winter weather” to the Pacific Northwest. We went through a few snowstorms and we were even snowed in a few days in Wyoming during our last PCS. Check out these photos from our recent PCS.

We were snowed in when after arriving in Wyoming!

Montana was covered in snow when we first entered into the state!

montana We made it safely to our destination, but there were a few times that were a bit scary while traveling, especially when we were up in the mountains and it was cold, wet, and snowy. We weren’t familiar with driving in the snow and we definitely didn’t have much experience driving through the windy roads in the mountains!

Now that we have some experience with PCS’ing during winter months, I wanted to share these Top 7 Tips for a Winter PCS Move by CORT. I read through these tips after our PCS move and feel that they would be very helpful to anyone relocating during the winter. They will definitely come in handy during our next PCS move if we move in the winter time again in the future!

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  1. Kimberly M. says

    My father was in the navy and traveled to many parts of the US. He said the states out west were so beautiful. I’ve never been out west but sure would love to after hearing his stories of the beautiful places he’s been to out west.