10 Must Have Items for Your Honeymoon

Must Have Items for Your Honeymoon

My husband and I recently celebrated our 13 year wedding anniversary! It seems like only yesterday that we were celebrating our big day surrounded by our friends and family. I have so many great memories from our wedding including the giant rainbow that appeared in front of the church (when there was no rain!) Many of these memories I’ll be able to share with my children and smile at in the years to come.

I remember fretting about our wedding day months in advance. Planning a wedding can be stressful and overwhelming, but once the wedding is over with, you can enjoy your honeymoon with your honey. Planning for the honeymoon can be just as stressful and overwhelming as planning the wedding. This list below of must haves for your honeymoon can help!

10 Must Have Items for Your Honeymoon

Dresses – Pack a little sun dress for a beach stroll or a little black dress for your most romantic evenings out!

Shoes – Depending on your honeymoon location, you may need to pack a variety of shoes. From athletic shoes, flip flops, heels, to sandals, make sure you pack the shoes that will match up with the events you’ll be partaking in!

Swimsuits – Heading to the beach? Don’t forget your swimsuit! It’s always a good idea to pack at least two swimsuits depending on how often you’ll be out near the water.

Lingerie – You can’t forget about your pretty lingerie for your honeymoon! Pack a few pretty pieces for your most romantic nights together with your husband.

Accessories – Get dolled up with your accessories! This includes your earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, watches, and hair accessories.

Toiletry Bag – Don’t leave home without your make-up, toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash, shampoo & conditioner and deodorant!

Camera – You’ll want to take plenty of photos during your honeymoon! Keep your camera handy at all times because you’ll never know when you’ll find a great photo opportunity during your honeymoon.


Bag or Purse – Your purse or bag will come in handy to keep your belongings safe when you are out and about with your husband.

Sun Care – If you know you’ll be outdoors often, pack plenty of sun care including sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, and other items that will protect you while you are out in the sun.

Perfume – You’ll want to smell you best during your special time together, so pack a small bottle of your favorite scent to wear.

What items would you add to the list of honeymoon must haves?


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