3 Things We Looked For When Buying a Family Car

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If you are like me and have a family, you probably spend a lot of time in your vehicle driving kids to and from school, sports events, church activities, errands, etc. When we started our family, we purchased a brand new car. We didn’t think ahead too far into the future, but our family grew by three kids. Eventually, we grew out of our first family vehicle and needed to buy another car. We ended up purchasing a used car that would fit all five of us comfortably.

When looking for our new car, there were a few tips that we kept in mind.

Safety – Safety was a huge priority when looking for our new car. We looked for features like air bags, child safety locks, a great crash test rating, and wearing of the tires. Shortly after purchasing our used car, we did replace the tires for extra safety because the other tires were a bit worn.

Room – We have three children. Two are still in booster seats and one is in a baby car seat. We needed to find a car with enough room to fit all of our children and their car seats. We also travel a lot and needed to have plenty of room in the car for our luggage, outdoor gear, school items, etc.

Affordability – We follow a budget and needed to find a great deal on a car. We were able to find what we needed at a great price with money left over to help cover the tire purchase we made.

We’ve had our car now for a little over a year and have been very pleased with our purchase. We recently drove it across the country during a long move and we were all very comfortable and pleased with the room and safety features during our long trip.

What features are important to you when looking for a new or used car? 


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