5 Ways to Take Care of Yourself as a Busy Mom

Ways to Take Care of Yourself as a Busy Mom

As busy moms, we tend to spend a lot of time taking care of everyone around us. We spend a lot of our time taking care of our children. We feed them, bathe them, entertain them, and drive them to and from school or other activities. The list is almost endless. We also take care of household chores, plan and prepare nutritious meals, pay bills, and more. At the end of the day, there seems to be little time left for mom. All of these daily chores and tasks can leave us feeling exhausted, stressed, and overwhelmed.

It’s important to take care of ourselves as moms because we need to be healthy both physically and mentally so that we can carry out all of the day-to-day tasks for our family. Without a happy and healthy mom, chores and daily tasks can feel almost unbearable and the weight of it all could lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. If you find yourself giving all of your time to your family and putting yourself aside, it’s time to reclaim your life! It’s time to take care of YOU.

Here are a few ways to take care of ourselves as busy moms to help stay healthy and well.

1. Exercise.

This is always easier said than done. It’s easy to let the hours pass during the day because we are taking care of others. Carve some time into your daily schedule for exercise. If you have a baby at home, put the baby in the stroller and head outdoors for a walk. Too cold in your area? Head to the mall and walk the mall. Workout at home with DVDs or join a gym with childcare if it helps you to focus on getting your movement in. Thirty minutes of activity a day can help lift your mood and keep you in shape if you are consistent with exercising. Invest in a bike and get outdoors for a ride in the sunshine!

Ways to Take Care of Yourself as a Busy Mom

2. Get dressed.

Try to get dressed within a few minutes of waking up. Staying in your pajamas for several hours can affect your productivity at home. I know that when I stay in my pajamas too long, my mood can be pretty blah. As soon as I get dressed in regular clothes, I feel much better and more productive.

3. Practice good hygiene.

I often times hear from moms that say they haven’t showered in days. From the day to day demands of being a mom, showering can feel like a guilty pleasure instead of something that needs to be done. Shower or bathe at least once every other day. It can work wonders on your mood and you’ll be left feeling fresh and clean.

4. Eat healthy foods.

It’s easy to head to the pantry during or after a stressful day only to find yourself digging around for sugary and processed snacks and foods to eat. Poor eating habits can affect your mood. If you find yourself eating more unhealthy foods, these foods may lead to irritability or mood changes. Stick to eating a healthy diet instead. Instead of stocking up on processed foods, stock up on fresh fruits or vegetables, whole grains, and healthy proteins. Drink water, too.

Ways to Take Care of Yourself as a Busy Mom

5. Take some time for yourself.

Schedule some time to get out of the house. Go out for the day and do things you love doing. Whether you like to shop, get manicures or pedicures, or even if you just need to head out for a new haircut, get out and enjoy some time alone. It’s o.k. to schedule time away to do things you love. Or, if you prefer, call up a friend and meet up with a friend for the day!

How do you take care of yourself as a busy mom? 



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  1. Samantha says

    Love these steps! I definitely know that as a busy mom – exercise is HUGE! Between that and good dental hygiene, it is so important to take time for ourselves! Thanks for sharing! #client