DIY Toddler Table and Chairs Makeover Using Plasti Dip

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Plasti Dip for IZEA Worldwide. All opinions are 100% mine.

When we moved to the Pacific Northwest over a year ago, I had no idea how I was going to decorate my toddler’s new room. For a few months, the room sat empty for the most part with the exception of his crib, baby monitor, and a rocking chair. There were no decorations on the walls until my friend gave us a large framed picture of an airplane. I thought the airplane photo was a good start to decorating his room. Shortly after, another friend gave us a small toddler table that I could use in my son’s room so that I could place his lamp on it along with a few books. The table was light brown and I decided to paint the table green to match one of the colors in the airplane photo.

For several months, the room decor was based on that one airplane photo, until I started to add nautical themed decor little by little. Now that the colors were changing from green to a blue and red theme, the table stood out and no longer matched the room. I was able to pass on the airplane photo to another interested family. The little green table became an eye sore to me, until I decided to change it to match my son’s new theme. By this time, I had acquired two new toddler table chairs at a swap to go with the table. These two chairs were also green and would need to be repainted, too.

My thoughts were to paint the green table blue, the green chairs red, and a little brown plant container white. The plant container would be the new addition to place on top of the table that would hold my son’s books. I chose Plasti Dip paint for my new project. It’s like spray paint, but better in my opinion. One of the reasons why I like Plasti Dip is that in the future, if the room decor changes, I can peel the paint off and use new colors. Yes, Plasti Dip is peelable off of most surfaces and you can easily get yours at Amazon!

For this DIY toddler table and chairs makeover project, I used about 1 1/2 cans of blue Plasti Dip for the table. I applied a few coats until the green wasn’t showing through. I used two full cans of red for the chairs. The chairs were more challenging to cover because they were made of a different material than the table, but I managed to cover them well. I used less than one can to cover the brown piece for his books. Here are the results:

After setting up my son’s table and chairs in his room, it was time to reveal his new surprise to him! I placed a few of his favorite books in the white container. I allowed him to walk into his room after his bath time so that I could see his reaction to his new table set. I don’t think he was disappointed! Look at this smile:

My son now has a cozy place to call his for reading time. He loves it, and we do, too. If you have a project that you are considering re-doing any time soon, consider Plasti Dip and shop now at Awarehousefull. Plasti Dip Crafts comes in 7 colors and 3 enhancers:

  • Crisp White
  • Lemon Yellow
  • Tin Roof Red
  • Pumpkin Spice
  • Midnight Black
  • Gulf Coast Blue
  • Gator Green
  • Glossifier Enhancer
  • Silver Metalizer Enhancer
  • White Pearlizer Enhancer

Whatever your project is, I’m sure you can find a great Plasti Dip color to use to bring back life into your piece(s). Just find a retailer near you! Overall, this project was fun and I was pleased with the results of the before and after.

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