Decorating My Home For the Holidays with Artificial Plants

Disclosure: I received artificial plants from Commercial Silk in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

artificial plants

I can’t remember the last time I was able to decorate my home for the holidays. This is mainly because we traveled every Christmas to Texas to see family and we weren’t home for the holidays. I didn’t want to put up a lot of decorations to only be able to enjoy them for a few days. This year, we are staying home for the holidays and I’ve been in the mood to decorate my home!

When I get the chance to decorate for Christmas, I like to go all out and make my home extra cozy. I love additional lights glowing around me at night from additional artificial plants. One of my favorite things to do each night during December is make a cup of decaf coffee and curl up and watch a Christmas movie. Having the soft glow around me just makes it feel like Christmas!

This year, I added two artificial plants from to my living room. My selections included two 4′ green alpine trees that were pre-lit for easy set up. When my trees arrived, they were easy to put together and setting up was a breeze. I adjusted the branches to make them look full and added the base to the small trunks of the tree. I added a mini tree skirt at the bottom. Then, I plugged the trees in and enjoyed the additional lighting that I had around my living room.

We don’t have a fireplace in our home. Because of this, I had to get creative with hanging our stockings. I think the stockings looked great hanging next to the artificial trees. We will be adding gifts around these artificial trees for our guests that will be arriving before Christmas!

artificial plants

artificial plants

The added tree skirt below definitely adds a nice touch to the room!

artificial plants

We set the other tree closer to the middle of the room in between two couches. It filled in some empty space and added a nice touch to that area in our living room. Finally, we decorated our table with a few pretty ornaments in vases, place mats, and Santa hat chair covers.

artificial plants

After all of our Christmas decorations were in place, I was very pleased with how everything looked. I now look forward to plugging in the lights to our artificial trees every morning and enjoying them throughout the day. I can’t wait for our guests to arrive and enjoy our decorations, too!


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