Easy and Affordable Princess Dress Hanging Rack


My girls love to dress up. It may be one of their favorite things to do around here! We’ve been collecting princess dresses for about six years and have a nice collection of princess dresses. However, we were running into issues. We never really had a place to hang these beautiful princess dresses so that my girls would have easy access to them. The princess dresses were either too high in the closets or shoved into a small storage box for wrinkles to set in.

I wasn’t happy with the way we stored their princess dresses and I wanted my girls to be able to dress up during playtime without having to drag the boxes down or take them down from the closet. I searched online for princess dress hanger systems, but was a bit discouraged when I saw that the prices on most of them. I didn’t want to pay that much so I kept searching.

The next best thing I saw that I felt would do the job that I needed and that was still affordable for me was the Whitmor Adjustable Two Rod Garment Rack. I just left off the wheels at the bottom and the top tier and it was perfect for hanging their princess dresses!

Easy and Affordable Princess Dress Hanging Rack

After putting our princess dress rack together, I gathered all of the princess dresses and hung them up for my girls to enjoy. I was pleased with this new way of organizing our princess dresses and my girls have easy access for princess pretend play! If you want to get even more creative, consider spray painting the rack and adding ribbon, etc. to it!

dress rack

Here are more options for princess dress hanging racks:

princess dress

Labebe Wooden Kid Furniture Hanging Rack & Shoe Box

princess dresses

KidKraft Fashion Pretend Play Station

hanging rack

Frenchi Home Furnishing Kid’s Clothes Hanger

Don’t forget hangers!


AmazonBasics Kids Velvet Hangers 30-Pack

How do your organize your child’s princess dresses?



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  1. Jessica Rinker says

    Great idea! I’ve been looking for a better space saving way to keep my daughters dress up and doll clothes than in those large plastic bins everywhere in her room. I will definitely use both racks and probably paint it for her but this is a great (and affordable) way to do it! Thanks!

  2. Natalia says

    thank you for such a great idea! We have made ours yesterday and my daughter loves it and I love all the “order” it added to her dress up pile!

  3. Sheila West says

    Put that top rack to good use. What about getting some s hooks or even shower rings and put on the top rack for jewelry, purses, etc. As long as it is not too top heavy should be fine. I have this system as well and use it for my Thirty-One display. You don’t have to have it all the way up. There are several different heights you can use.

    • Mom. Wife. Busy Life. says

      That’s a good idea! I didn’t think to include it. I guess I was afraid my kids would hurt themselves trying to reach for the higher items!

  4. Jodi Ferreira says

    hi! love the idea! redoing my daughters room so looking forward to doing it for her ! can you tell me where you got the poster?