How to Throw a Princess Tea Party

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My girls have been begging me to have a princess tea party lately. We have a cute little porcelain tea set that sits in one of our cabinets and we decided to dust if off this weekend and have the princess tea party that they’ve been wishing for. To celebrate the weekend in style, I made sure to have princess accessories on hand to make this event special and memorable for my girls!

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How to Throw a Princess Tea Party

To throw a princess tea party, you’ll need the following:

Here’s a book recommendation for more ideas:

Princess Tea

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Creating the sandwiches are easy. All you have to do is use the cookie cutters to cut out your shapes. Then spread peanut butter and jelly onto the sandwiches and serve!

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My girls were surprised to see the princess tea party set up and wanted to join in right away! They thought the princess themed sandwiches were a cute idea and really enjoyed this royal time with mom!

Natures Harvest Bread

While drinking their tea and enjoying princess themed sandwiches, the girls talked, laughed, and giggled. This was certainly a memorable experience for all of us and we will be doing this on a regular basis!

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Here’s a great book to read during your princess tea party.

The Perfect Tea Party

Throw your own princess tea party soon!


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