One Way to Cut Down on Toddler Messes

Gerber Grabbers Smart Flow 3

You would think that with baby number three, I would know exactly what I’m doing as a mom. Wrong. With baby number three, I seem to have forgotten how everything works and I get a reality check every time we get through a new stage. Baby boy will be ten months old soon. Feeding him solids has been an interesting experience. With my two girls, I never had many issues when they started solids. They ate everything in sight. When I had my baby boy, I thought for sure he would eat whatever I’d put in front of him with no issues because he was a boy. This has not been the case with him!

Even though it’s been a struggle getting baby boy to eat his solids, I’ve found a few tips that help. My baby loves to hold things on his own. If I try to feed him with a spoon, he grabs the spoon filled with food and slings it, getting food all over me, him, and everything around us. It’s a messy experience and can be frustrating when you are trying to feed your baby.

Gerber Grabbers Smart Flow

To help with the feeding issues, I try to let my son practice his independence with Gerber Grabbers, now with the Smart Flow™ spout. Gerber Grabbers are perfect to take with us on the go, especially since we just moved to a new area and we are out exploring the area often. These pouches of food are convenient to use and my baby loves the taste. I don’t have to waste time trying to feed him with a spoon, and I no longer waste food now that he eats from the squeezable pouches.

Gerber Grabbers Smart Flow 4

If you are looking for an easier option for your baby or toddler, I highly encourage you to try the Gerber Grabbers. Pack them everywhere you go. They will come in handy when baby needs to eat and you don’t have the time to sit down with him/her to feed them a meal with a spoon! I think these little pouches have saved me a lot of time. These pouches have also saved me from cleaning up a ton of messes!

Visit your local Fred Meyer or Kroger store to find the new Gerber Grabbers. You can find them in the baby aisle!

Fred MeyerFred Meyer 2


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