5 Simple Ways to Decorate Your Home During the Holidays with the Kids

The holiday season is a busy time of year. This is the season for giving, entertaining, and spending time with family and friends. We spend a lot of time preparing our homes for guests and decorating so that our homes feel inviting, warm, and welcome. If you are feeling overwhelmed with your to-do list this holiday season, try to focus on keeping things simple. Get the kids involved in decorating and allow them to help in the fun. There’s no reason to go overboard on decorations.

1. Allow the kids to help decorate the tree.

My kids loved opening the box of ornaments and putting them on the tree this year. I keep the ornaments in the original boxes and I write what year they received the ornaments and who or what the ornament was fun. I let them put the ornaments wherever they want on the tree.

2. Set out a basket full of holiday books.

For several years, I’ve had a tradition where I create a basket filled with holiday books for the kids to read. I keep these books in storage all year and every time we put up the tree in December, I bring out the basket and set it near the tree. The kids get very excited about reading the books during the month.

3. Place some fun plush holiday decorations around the house.

Instead of placing a bunch of breakable decorations around, place a few plush decorations around the the kids can interact with! Christmas decorations are fun and I have so many memories of decorations when I was a kid. You can find fun and engaging Christmas decorations at many retailers. My kids love this singing tree!

4. Create a gingerbread house together.

We have a tradition where we spend a few hours one day in December creating a Gingerbread House. The kids love creating the house. We set it out to enjoy during the holiday season.

5. Don’t forget the milk and cookies for Santa! 

Leaving cookies and milk for Santa is a favorite for my girls! They get the plate ready and full of cookies and pour the milk for Santa to enjoy.

How do you decorate your home during the holidays with the kids?


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