Color Changing Milk Experiment

Color Changing Milk Experiment

color changing milk experiment 7

This color changing milk experiment never gets old! This experiment is fun and easy to set up experiment for the kids. Watch our videos below to see this experiment and keep reading below for more information!

Your kids may want to complete this experiment over and over a few times, so be prepared and have plenty of milk and supplies devoted for this experiment on hand! Also, please note that your experiments will look different each time and it’s fun to see how they all turn out! Below you’ll see two rounds of my color changing milk experiment!

Color Changing Milk Experiment:


  • Dawn Dish Soap
  • Cotton Swab
  • Food Coloring
  • Large Glass Plate
  • Whole or 2% Milk

color changing milk experiment


Pour milk onto a large glass plate. Towards the center of the milk, pour 1-4 drops of each color of food coloring onto the milk leaving a space between the colors. Try not to let the colors touch.

color changing milk experiment 2

Pour dish soap on the tip of your cotton swab and place the tip of the cotton swab to the center of the colors and hold down. The colors should disperse to the sides.

color changing milk experiment 3

Lift the cotton swab out of the milk slowly. Watch the colors swirl and mix together.

color changing milk experiment 4

If you notice the colors start to slow down with no activity, try pouring a drop of soap into the mixture or repeating the above step. You can also stir around the colors slowly to mix the colors.

color changing milk experiment 5

color changing milk experiment 6

Once complete, repeat the activity if desired!

Color Changing Milk Experiment Round 2

After the first experiment, we decided that we wanted to try it again because it was too much fun. Here’s what it looked like the second time around. Obviously you can see that there’s a bit of difference, so that’s why it’s fun to do this experiment a few times to see what happens!

color changing milk 8

color changing milk 9

I poured another drop of soap in the middle and look what happened!

color changing milk 10

Looks like a face!

color changing milk 11

Why does this happen when using whole milk? According to

“The food coloring in the whole milk bowl will move the fastest because the dish soap bonds, or holds tight, with the fat in the milk. This bond is so strong that the water and the food coloring are pushed out. Everything else has to dance out of the way to make room for the dish soap and fat bond. Since there is less fat in 2 percent and 1 percent milk, you won’t see as much movement. In the bowl of skim milk, the dish soap has no fat to bond with, so the food coloring isn’t pushed away.”

I hope you enjoyed seeing our Color Changing Milk Experiment! Try to complete this activity soon and tell us how it went!



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  1. Marcia G says

    Thank you so much for the color changing milk experiment. A few years ago I invited my only grandson to “Grandma Camp.” I had read an article about a woman who had granddaughters and they were cousins. They stayed the week and in the morning they did fun things, girly things. I was inspired but also anxious. What would I do with my grandson? The Lord reminded me that I loved Pinterest and science. I started collecting experiments. After year one, his sister, who was 4, wanted to go to “Grandma Camp” too. So now she is 6 and I am saving experiments for her. I know she will love the color changing milk experiment.