10 Must-Have Items for the Kitchen

I’ve been spending a lot of time in my kitchen lately! As I get older, I find that I enjoy cooking more and enjoy creating in the kitchen. My girls love to watch me cook and many times I allow them to help. We are making memories that will last a lifetime while I teach them a few tips and tricks in the kitchen that they can use in the future with their own families.

I have a few items in my kitchen that are my must-have items for the kitchen that I really can’t live without and the ones I use the most when cooking. There are many more items I’d love to list, but these ten are by far my favorites in the kitchen. With that being said, here are:

items for the kitchen

10 Must-Have Items for the Kitchen

Must-Have Items for the Kitchen

Mixing BowlsMust-Have Items for the Kitchen – It’s best to have a few different sizes of mixing bowls on hand – a small, medium, and large mixing bowl for your cooking needs. I use these glass mixing bowls on a regular basis for mixing and stirring, even for food storage.

Must-Have Items for the Kitchen

Measuring CupsMust-Have Items for the Kitchen – I have about four different sized glass measuring cups that I use. The 1-cup measuring cup gets the most use, but I do use the others on a regular basis as well. Use these measuring cups for all types of liquids, especially milk or oil for my popular cast iron skillet cornbread recipe, pudding, or cake recipes, or almond milk for smoothie recipes.

batter bowl

Batter BowlMust-Have Items for the Kitchen – Great for pancake batter or cake mix! Batter is easy to pour onto the frying pan or into cupcake cups with the built in spout — less mess!

Must-Have Items for the Kitchen

Jumbo CookerMust-Have Items for the Kitchen – This is basically like a large frying pan with a lid and holds so much more food than your average size skillet. I use this cooker more than any other frying pan in my kitchen. I cook large meals often, so I need this for size. I’ve been using a jumbo cooker for over ten years now and highly recommend one!

Must-Have Items for the Kitchen

Programmable Slow CookerMust-Have Items for the Kitchen – How would you like to come home to a hot meal that’s already made when you get home from work? That’s what the slow cooker is for! Place the ingredients in the slow cooker, set on low or high depending on what time you’ll be ready to eat, and come home to a hot and ready meal! The house will smell amazing when you walk in!

Must-Have Items for the Kitchen

Serrated KnifeMust-Have Items for the Kitchen – There’s nothing more annoying than trying to cut food with dull knives. Serrated knives make cutting vegetables, fruits, meats, and more so much easier. We keep a couple of serrated knives around because they just cut better than our other knives.

Must-Have Items for the Kitchen

Colander – Assorted SizesMust-Have Items for the Kitchen – It’s a good idea to keep a few different sized colanders around the kitchen — a small, medium, and large colander. For example, we use our large colander for spaghetti noodles, our medium sized colander for rinsing and draining dry beans, and the smallest colander to rinse off fruits and vegetables.

Must-Have Items for the Kitchen

Magic Bullet Mixing SetMust-Have Items for the Kitchen – If you are always on the go, the Magic Bullet Mixing set is perfect for you! I use the Magic Bullet mixing set on a daily basis! I love the cups that come with the set. You just put the ingredients in the cup, blend, and it’s ready to go! No need to pour your drink into another glass and dirty up more dishes. Perfect for smoothies!

Must-Have Items for the Kitchen

Keurig Brewer – My Keurig is one of the first things I stumble to each morning. A hot cup of coffee is what I look forward to every morning. I love my Keurig because of how easy it is to make my very first cup of coffee for the day. I also use my Keurig to make Brew Over Ice tea!

cute apron

Cute Apron – Every mom should feel pretty in the kitchen! After all, it’s where we spend a LOT of time as moms! Check out this selection of cute aprons. I like to wear aprons to protect my clothing from grease and food stains!

What are your must-have items for the kitchen?



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  1. says

    I love my Pyrex mixing bowls in different sizes, and my slow cooker. Also, I don’t have the Magic Bullet (but a similar off-brand) – I use it to make smoothies, marinara sauces, etc. and I love it.

  2. Sue Hull says

    I use mixing bowls,Rubbermaid containers & my mini keurig. I also look forward to my coffee every morning.My daughter is grown and been out for yrs. Sometimes I cook big pot of spaghetti so I can eat it for a wk.I’m not much of a cook anymore. I just make small easy meals.