Ways to Incorporate Music In Your Child’s Life


Music is a very important part of my life right now, and important for my family, too. We all love listening to great tunes around here. I listen to music while I’m working, cleaning, driving, and other times. After I had my babies, my music taste did change a bit. It had to in a way. I could no longer play all of the songs I liked listening to because I had little ears listening.

Now that I have a toddler in my house, we are putting on a lot of kid tunes throughout the day. My baby boy loves to listen to music with me during the day. When I place him in his high chair to eat lunch or snacks, we turn on our music on low and enjoy some listening time. Sometimes we’ll dance to the music! Now that my girls are getting older (6 and 9), they are into music and good tunes as well.

Here are ways that we incorporate music into our children’s lives:

1. Play CDs in the car. 

I put on children’s CDs in the car when we go places.

Recently I discovered Rock-n-Strollera multi volume CD collection produced by Grammy award-winning producer Andy Zulla and award winning recording artist and Broadway performer Matt Zarley. This CD set brings back classic songs from the 70’s and 80s in a style that will get kids of all ages singing along our favorite tunes.

rock n stroller

Ready to buy and try Rock-n-Stroller for yourself?

The Rock-n-Stroller Volume I CD is available for download on iTunes or on Amazon for $9.99 or $8.99 as a downloadable MP3.  Rock-n-Stroller Volume II is available for sale on Amazon and iTunes as well.

rock n stroller 3

2. Turn up the music and clean house. 

Find your favorite kid’s station on the radio, streaming service, or digital devices and play upbeat children’s music! My girls love to clean house while we dance around to fun music.

3. Discuss music they are learning at school.

When my girls come home from school, we talk about their day. On music days, they tell me the new song or dance they learned and perform it for us. I usually video tape it and send it over to our relatives in a different state.

4. Create musical instruments.

Have any recyclable items around your house? Create musical instruments with them! Easily create shakers and drums with common household empty containers.

5. Sing together at bedtime. 

Bedtime is the perfect time to sing some of your favorite songs and lullabies with the kids. Music can be calming and soothing for kids. Don’t think you have a good voice? Sing anyway. Children love the sound of their parent’s voices and probably aren’t judging your singing abilities.

How do you incorporate music into your child’s life?


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