How to Make Shaving Cream Rain

How to Make Shaving Cream Rain

With the summer approaching, you can be sure I’ve stocked up on a few basic household items to keep my kids entertained during the summer! I love to find fun activities for the girls to do that don’t require too many ingredients or steps. I like for activities to be as easy as possible. The more complicated something gets, the more turned off of an experiment I get. With that being said, I found an amazing summertime activity for your children to do on those days when they get bored! The best part? You only need four things! Read on to find how to make Shaving Cream Rain!


  • Regular Shaving Cream (not gel)
  • Food Coloring
  • Easy to see through glass (jar, cylinder, vase, drinking glass, pitcher, glass bowl)
  • water

rain 7


  1. Fill your glass about 75% full with water.
  2. Shake the shaving cream well.
  3. Spray a layer of shaving cream on top of the water until covered.
  4. Drop two drops of each color of food coloring on top of the shaving cream.
  5. Watch the food coloring make it’s way slowly down into the water!
  6. Add more food coloring as desired to create more rain!

The shaving cream serves as the cloud while the food coloring is the rain! You can just use blue for this experiment if you’d like, but I think it’s more fun to watch the different colors come together!

**Warning! Do not drink! While this may look like a tasty beverage, it’s not, so please make sure your children know that this is not for drinking!**

rain 3

rain 6

rain 2

We also tried this using a large pitcher and it worked out very well! We used a “neon” set of food coloring for this experiment and the primary colors of food coloring for the experiment above.

rain 4

rain 8

rain 9

I love this picture below! You can see the food coloring coming down through the shaving cream!

rain 10

My girls loved this experiment and I did, too! We will definitely be making Shaving Cream Rain again!

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  1. Elaine NZ says

    What a brilliant idea. I am working with some pre-schoolers looking at transformation and will include this in my activities! Thanks for sharing!!

    • Mom. Wife. Busy Life. says

      It doesn’t last too long! The centerpiece would be a great idea! I think it would work best as a fun activity for someone to do as they first sit down and see what happens while they are there! Maybe a teacher conference? Teacher’s could see how it works and then complete this as an experiment in the classroom!