6 Must-Haves for Baby

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My baby boy will be 9 months old in April! His baby stage is going by way too fast and soon he will be a toddler. It’s hard to believe that we will be celebrating his first birthday in a few short months.

The list of items needed for baby was super short this time around since he’s my third child. We didn’t need a lot of the baby stuff that we felt we needed with my first daughter. We are trying to stick to the basics and keep it simple so that we don’t clutter our home with too many unnecessary items!

Below I’ll share with you our top simple baby essentials that we can’t live without! These are the things that are a must have for our family.

1. Diapers

We keep a great stash of diapers so that we don’t run out! Baby boy is in size 3/4 diapers. I keep diapers in his room, the car, a few in my purse, diaper bag, etc.

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2. Wipes

We also keep a large box of wipes on hand. Wipes are useful during diaper changes, but also for cleaning up spills and other messes!

3. Bottles and bibs

We’ve been giving baby formula since he was three months old. We keep at least 9 bottles on hand because we go through them so fast! Now that baby boy is eating solids, we keep a set of bibs around, too.

4. Pack and play

The pack and play has come in handy now that baby boy is on the move. I’m able to keep him in his pack and play while I get some much needed work done!

5. Walker

Now that baby moves a lot, we keep him in his walker when he wants to move around the house. He loves his walker!

6. Stroller

The stroller is a must have when getting out of the house. Baby enjoys his walks in the stroller each day or when we are out shopping!

Stock up on these must-haves for baby and don’t forget to print the Luvs money saving coupon!


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