Disguise a Turkey – Fancy Nancy

Disguise a Turkey Fancy Nancy

Disguising a turkey is a fun project to complete this year with the family! Schedule a time during the day to sit down with the family and get creative! There are several different ways to disguise your turkey! Basically you just take a printout of a turkey as seen below, decorate it however you wish and display the turkey during Thanksgiving! You can create superheros, favorite characters from a book, animals, and lots more! You can even write about your turkey! Grab your art supplies and start your turkey soon!

My daughter loves Fancy Nancy books, so we decided to work on a Fancy Nancy turkey in disguise this year! Depending on the age of your child, make sure you supervise the small children with the scissors or glue. I highly recommend pre-cutting for the little ones! Just make sure you let them be involved as much as possible in creating this project! My daughter loved sprinkling the glitter all over the feathers!

Disguise a Turkey – Fancy Nancy

What you’ll need:

Disguise a Turkey

Print out the two printables above. Cut out the desired pieces for Fancy Nancy. Glue the pieces on the turkey. Spread glue along the feathers of the turkey and sprinkle glitter on the feathers. Let dry! Enjoy your Fancy Nancy disguised turkey during Thanksgiving!

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Disguise a Turkey Fancy Nancy



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